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*Regional* Boxes

~OyatsuBox: $7.99 – $25/month. OyatsuBox is a Japanese Candy delivery service ran by the folks at OyatsuCafe.com. Every month you will receive a big box (over a pound of goodies) of Japanese candies, snacks & merchandise. Inside every box is an information leaflet with details on each item so you know what you are eating. They also offer a smaller “OyatsuBox JR.” box for $7.99/month.

~SnackFever: $11 – $18 – $38/month. SnackFever provides members with the latest in Korean snacks, ramen, food and other treats. 3 box options are available: Mini ($11/month): includes 5 different snacks, candies, and treats, Original ($18/month): includes 10 different snacks and treats, including 1 ramen and 1 drink and Deluxe: $38/month: includes 12 different snacks and treats and comes with premium and exclusive goodies. Includes at least a drink, ramen, instant food, swag and much more!

~skoshbox: $12 – $24 – $35/month. Skoshbox delivers hand-picked Japanese candies, snacks, and other fun items (such as stationery, pens, and accessories) to your door on a monthly basis.  The Skoshbox ($12/month) includes 4-5 snacks, the DekaBox ($23/month) includes 8-10 snacks plus a mystery item and the MegaBox ($35/month) includes 12-14 items plus two mystery toys.

~MiamMiam Box: $12.95 – $22.95 – $32.95/month. MiamMiam BOX is a subscription-based technology company that delivers surprise French snacks, candies, food and other treats in a box directly to your doorstep every month. There are at least 10 different snacks and other treats in the Original Box ($22.95/month) and at least 5 in the Mini Box ($12.95/month). The Maxi Box ($32.95/month) will include at least 12 different snacks including premium and exclusive snacks and more!

~Freedom Japanese: $12.99 – $24.99 – $45.99/month. Freedom Japanese sends unique Japanese candies and snacks sent straight to your front door! The following three box options are available: Puchi Pack ($12.99/month) which includes 5 to 8 Japanese snacks, the Original Subscription Pack ($24.99/month) which contains 12 to 16 full size and sample snacks or the Family Pack ($45.99/month) which includes double the amount of snacks the original pack contains.

~Universal Yums: $13 – $25/month. Universal Yums is an international snack subscription box. Each month you will receive a mix of snacks from that month’s featured country. Boxes will contain 6 or more snacks and in a variety of flavors: salty, sweet, spicy, and more. You can also opt for the larger “Yum Yum” box which includes 13+ snacks.

~O! Fudge: $13/month. OkieGoodies is a monthly subscription box filled with specialty foods made in Oklahoma. Each goodie box will contain 5-7 foods to enjoy that were made in Oklahoma. Boxes can include ready-to-eat treats, mixes, sauces, spices, and lots more, all hand-picked by the Okie Goodies team.

~JamrockCrate: $14/month. JamrockCrate is a subscription box for anyone who wants to try Jamaican snacks. In the mini crate, you get 4 to 5 snacks and in the original sized crate, you get 8 to 10 snacks. This box is for anyone who wants to have a taste of Jamaica without leaving their home.

~Aloha Crate: $14.95/month. Aloha Crate is a monthly subscription service which sends treats from Hawaii. Every month your box will be filled with 4 to 6 goodies from Hawaii and a note from the founders.

~Japan Funbox: $14.99 – $32.99 – $49.99/month. Japan Funbox delivers a selection of Japanese candy to your door every month. You can select between 3 box options: Mini ($14.99/month) includes 5-7 items, Original ($32.99/month) includes 15-20 items and Family ($49.99/month) 25-30 items.

~TokyoTreat: $14.99/month. TokyoTreat is a subscription-based service that delivers you a box full of unique and fun Japanese candies and snacks directly to your doorstep every month. Each box has a hand-picked collection of Japanese candies, DIY kits, traditional Dagashi snack, and savory snacks and drinks for you to enjoy.

~WowBox: $14.99 – $24.99 – $34.99/month. WOWBOX is the coolest Japanese candy subscription service produced by the one and only Japanese sweets & snacks media company mogmog. They are the only Japanese candy subscription service offering multiple themed boxes to choose from.  The following options are available: Small ($14.99/month): 4-6 items, Medium ($24.99/month): 7-9 items and Large ($34.99/month): 9-11 items.

~The Tiki Box: $15/month. The Tiki Box is a monthly snack subscription box full of Hawaii’s favorite treats. Each box includes a fun and delicious mix of Hawaiian snacks sent to your door every month.

~Baklavva: $18 – $32 – $48/month. Baklava is a monthly box of authentic Mediterranean delicacies. Each box will include a variety mix of baklavvas that may include Burma, Ballourie Mini Roses, Bassma, Baklavva, Bird Nest, Fingers and Ghourib. You can opt for a 1lb box ($18/month for 14-16 pieces), a 2lb box ($32 for 28-32 pieces) or a 3lb box ($48 for 32-48 pieces).

~Latino Box: $18 – $32/month. Latino Box features delicious snacks from different Latin American countries, delivered to your door every month! Each box is filled with a variety of sweet, salty, sometimes spicy, and always delicious goodies for you to enjoy. Boxes come with an extra touch of fun inside, surprise! and a card that describes each snack. The Latino MINI Box ($18/month) includes 6 or more of the yummiest snacks while the Latino Box Original ($32/month), includes 12 to 15 of the yummiest snacks.

~Kawaii Box: $18.90/month. Kawaii Box is a monthly subscription box filled with cute Kawaii goodies. Every month you’ll receive a box filled with a carefully selected mix of 10-12 Japanese and Korean kawaii products.

~Carolina Monthly: $18.99 – $34.99 – $74.99/month. Carolina Monthly is a monthly subscription service of North Carolina goodness, hand-picked with you in mind. You can expect to receive items such as local BBQ sauces, books, tees, energy drinks, and more in your box each month. Three different sized boxes are available depending on how much goodness you’d like to receive.

~Taste & Curiosity: $19/month. Each box contains between eight to twelve items, a collectable magnet, and a beautifully designed postcard describing its contents.

~Japan Candy Box: $19.90/month. Japan Candy Box is a monthly Japanese candy subscription box, brought to you by Blippo Kawaii Shop. Each box includes 8-10 delicious, special and fun Japanese candies and snacks.

~Hawaii Snack Box: $19.95/month. Hawaii Snack Box is a subscription box company that sends you delicious local treats from Hawaii every month. Boxes include things you can’t find everyday outside of Hawaii such as li hing mui, arare, macadamia nuts, lilikoi butter and jams, and so much more! They also send cultural information each month so you can learn a little more about Hawaii.

~Snack Fever: $20/month. SnackFever is a monthly Korean snacks subscription box service for snack lovers. Each box includes about 10 snacks or 2lbs worth of snacks.

~Okashi Connection: $22/month. Okashi Connection is a Japanese candy subscription club. Each month you will receive a box full of of Japanese candy and snacks (between 400-600 grams). Okashi Connection aims to send things that are difficult or impossible to get outside of Japan and seasonal items.

~Ire Mon Box: $22/month. Ire Mon Box is a monthly subscription service offering quintessential flavors of the Caribbean. Each month you will enjoy 6 – 8 curated products shipped directly to your doorstep.

~TopMunch: $22/month. TopMunch delivers hard-to-find snacks from a different country. They send out exotic snacks from one country each month to customers along with other initiatives all of which are focussed towards their mission, which is to educate their customers about the different cultures in the world.

~Okaski Box: $23.89 – $32.74/month. The Okashi Box is the perfect choice if you are looking to try the delicious snacks of Japan! Okashi/お菓子 is the Japanese word for “candy” or “treats”. Each month you will receive a box full of yummy and unique treats directly from Tokyo, Japan!  The Chibi Box ($23.89/month) includes 14-15 (Full-Size) Japanese candy and snacks while the Deka Box ($32.74/month) includes 19-20 (Full-Size) Japanese candy and snacks including a Premium Candy/Snack OR Extra Anime/Game Item!

~The Squishy Box: $23.99/month. Each month subscribers receive 6 unique Kawaii Squishies shipped in a bright red box, delivered right to their door!

~FrenchBox: $24/month. FrenchBox is a subscription box that you receive each month in your mailbox. It contains 5 products from French brands: fashion, cosmetics, gourmet and others surprises! FrenchBox is the best way to discover or share the latest products from France.

~Abuela Mami: $24.95/month. Abuela Mami delivers Cuban goodies to your doorstep each month. Each box contains 4-9 items of hand-picked Cuban culture goodies (manufactured mainly in Miami, FL) such as food, snacks, coffee, dried fruits, meats, kitchen tools, mugs, flags and other Cuban memorabilia. Also available is Coffee option for $24.99/month which includes Cafe Bustelo or assortment of Cuban coffee every month.

~Nandemobox: $25 – $35 – $45/month. Nandemobox is a subscription box company based in Japan that focuses not only on snacks and candy but other various products from Japan such as cute/kawaii items, make-up and beauty. Nandemobox offers the following three different box categories: Snacks/Candy ($25/month), Kawaii/cute goods ($35/month) and Makeup/Beauty ($45/month). The amount of items included often depends on the value / size of the item although you can generally expect to receive between 5 and 12 items each month.

~Taste Japan: $25/month.Taste Japan is a subscription service that sends out a box of Japanese goodies once a month. Every month you’ll get a lovingly packed box full of Japanese treats along with instructions, trivia, quiz’s, and competitions. On average, you can expect to receive 400 – 650g per month of treats.

~Candy Japan: $25/month. Each month you will receive two envelopes full of Japanese candies. You can expect to receive at least two and up to six different types of candies.

~The Austin BatBox: $25/month. The Austin BatBox is a monthly subscription service dedicated to promoting local Austin businesses to a broad audience. Each month subscribers will receive 4-5 hand selected, high quality merchandise crafted right in Austin.

~Japan Crate: $25/month. Every month you’ll receive you a mystery box stuffed with over 2 pounds of premium full-size candy and DIY kits straight from Japan. Receive anything from a Sushi candy kit to soda jello.

~Japan Yum: $25/month. Japan Yum is a quick n’ easy way to try all the crazy snacks and candy that Japan offers. Every box contains a combo of 8-10 hand-picked sweet n’ savory Japanese snacks and candies.

~OmNomBox: $25/month. OmNomBox is a monthly subscription box that is packed with Asian snacks from Japan, Korea, Taiwan and more! Boxes can include Asian chocolates, candies, chips, cookies and other interesting snacks hand picked for you. Snacks are generally full-sized and smaller items include at least two pieces so you can share with a friend.

~German Candy Club: $25.99 – $35.99 – $40/month. The German Candy Club is a monthly service that deliver the best German candy and good to your doorstep. You can opt for the Small German Candy Box ($25.99/month) which includes 3lbs of German Candy, the German Candy & Food Mix Box ($35.99/month) which includes 8lbs of German candy and food or the Big German Candy Box ($40/month) which includes 8lbs of German Candies.

~Candy Adriatico: $26/month. Candy Adriatico is a monthly subscription box filled with high quality candies picked by hand from Italy, Slovene and Croatia, the countries next to Adriatic Sea. In Candy Adriatico box you will find a full variety of original and sample-sized candies, bars, cookies, chocolates, gums and more for a total weight up to 500g.

~Very Portland: $27/month. Very Portland sends Portland’s finest artisan goods to your door every month. Boxes can be customized by Ladies, Gents or People.

~GreekPack: $27.99/month.GreekPack is a handpicked box full of traditional greek products. Each month you will receive 6-8 carefully selected greek products delivered right to your door.

~Georgia Crafted: $29.99/month. With Georgia Crafted you will receive a monthly subscription package, containing 4-5 full-sized products, from independent artisans all over Georgia.

~YumeTwins: $29.99/month. YumeTwins is a monthly care package of everything kawaii and cute from TokyoTreat.  Each YumeTwins box is a surprise of 8-10 items ranging from adorable plushies and squishies, collectible keychains and figures, stationery and accessories.

~Panier: $30 – $85 – $125/month. Panier is an online box subscription dedicated to foodies. Every month, while you will discover new French flavors from your “Panier-box”, you will discover what makes each region of France so special through their gastronomy, culture, landscapes and recipes. You can opt for the Goûter box ($30/month), which contains a mix of French salty and sweet crackers, cookies, candies from different regions of France, the Luxe Box ($125/month) which features 6 to 8 full size items including some products categorized in the “high end” group for your taste palate from a different region each month or the Terrior Box ($85/month) which includes 5 to 6 full size items full of delicious French regional specialties.

~The B-More Box: $30 – $35/month. The B-More Box is a subscription box that showcases the best local food, regional products, and hidden gems in Baltimore and Maryland. Some of the items you may find in the box include food, art, apparel, decorations, merchandise and much more. You can opt for the B-More box for $30/month which includes 5-7 items or The Outta Towner B-More Box for $35/month which includes 7-9 items. Shipping is additional and is calculated based on your location.

~Hello Makana: $30/month. Each month, your Makana subscription will include 3-4 genuine Hawaii products alongside stories about the producers and communities included in the box.

~Doki Doki: $30/month. Doki Doki Crate (from the makers of Japan Crate) is your monthly supply of everything Kawaii. Inside you’ll find 8-10 items ranging from adorable plushies & squishies to collectible keychains, figures, apparel, miniatures, cooking utensils and more.

~Marigold Box: $32.50/month. Marigold Box is a series of bespoke boxes, especially curated for you. These boxes include the finest products that bring Indian heritage, traditions and celebrations to your home, to share with your loved ones. Each Marigold Box will have a special theme that ties in with Indian culture. In each box, you’ll discover products related to the theme. Inside each box, you will find that we have curated beautiful handmade products and ways to experience India and its heritage. Note: Marigold Box isn’t currently a subscription and must be ordered on a monthly basis.

~Sweet Latvia: $33/month. Sweet Latvia is a monthly box of Latvian sweets. The box will contain a lot of interesting mix of sweets ranging from gummi, sour and nostalgically classic amongst others. You will receive awesome sweets weighing up to 1 kg delivered to your door every month in a curated box.

~Kawaii Surprises: $33.90/month. Kawaii Surprise packages are monthly boxes filled with Japanese goodies! Items included in the package will vary each month but could consist of candy, stationary, accessories, toys, bento supplies and more!

~IrishDirect: $34.95/month. IrishDirect is an Irish subscription box service. IrishDirect posts you something Irish every month including items such as linens, jewelry, Irish themed books, Irish crafts and so much more!

~OkieGoodies: $34.95/month. OkieGoodies is a monthly subscription box filled with specialty foods made in Oklahoma. Each goodie box will contain 5-7 foods to enjoy that were made in Oklahoma. Boxes can include ready-to-eat treats, mixes, sauces, spices, and lots more, all hand-picked by the Okie Goodies team.

~Charleston Epicurean: $35/month. Charleston Epicurean delivers the best of local Charleston food and artisanal style to your doorstep each month. Each month you can expect to receive 4 to 6 full size gourmet goods curated from the Charleston, South Carolina.

~Mitten Crate: $35/month. Mitten Crate delivers a carefully curated selection of delicious food, crafted in small batches by independent food producers from around the great state of Michigan to your door each month. In addition, three meals are donated to a local food bank for every crate ordered.

~My Texas Market: $35/month. My Texas Market brings the farmers’ market directly to your doorstep. Boxes will include 4-6 different artisan products each month from farmers’ markets and local shops throughout Texas. Most boxes will contain some combination of wholesome and homemade snacks, locally produced olive oils, vinegars, jarred salsas, dried pasta, bottled sauces; animal treats or products; handmade candles, soaps, or other beauty products; essential oils or other health and wellness items; sustainably-sourced coffee or tea; unique crafts; and/or locally made chocolates and candies.

~The Shoskbox Japan Box: $35/month. The Japan Box includes 12-14 items ranging from snacks to collectibles. Each box will also include 2 mystery toys.

~Cookie Tourist: ~$37.95/month. The Cookie Tourist box will surprise you and hopefully make you discover different styles of sweet snacks you didn’t know existed. Each month, you will receive a fun box filled with 6 to 8 individual boxes of carefully selected international sweets. The contents of your box will change every month and each package will come with a map showing you where your cookies are coming from.

~Beyoto Bento: $38/month. Each month you will receive 5 to 6 Japanese pop culture items delivered directly to your door. Items may include collectibles toys, anime toys, weird candies, capsule toys, stationary, etc.

~Russian Candy Box: ~$38/month. Russian Candy Box is a service that provides monthly delivery of Russian candies & chocolates straight to your door.

~Snakku: $38.95/month. Snakku brings you the best, high-quality snacks from Japan. Each box includes 10 – 15 expertly curated Japanese snacks delivered right to your door.

~Bokksu: $39/month. Bokku is a premium subscription box for people to discover authentic snacks and teas from all over Japan. Each box contains 13-15 artisanal Japanese snacks, a tea pairing that complements that month’s flavors, and a Tasting Guide that explains each item’s story. They source directly from snack makers in Japan and meticulously craft each month’s assortment, so you receive the best curation of snacks that can only be found in Japan.

~Taste of VT: $39.95/month. Each month Taste of VT ships a neatly wrapped package of 4-6 local, artisan-crafted, locally sourced foods from Vermont to subscribers.

~Our Southern Hearts: $39.95/month. Our Southern Hearts is a unique, lifestyle subscription box that features products made exclusively by Southern artisans and craftsman. Every month, you will be treated to handmade accessories for you and your home, tasty treats, beauty products, and more!

~Candy German: $40/month. Candy German sends boxes filled up with German candies right to your door. Boxes that contain 6 to 8 high quality, handpicked items such as chocolate, wine gums, bonbons, cookies, gingerbread, licorice, marzipan and much more.

~Rain City Box: $40.99/month. Rain City Box is your proud monthly connection to the Pacific Northwest. Each box contains a specially selected combination of Pacific Northwest items – anything from food, apparel, artwork and more. Each box contains 5 or more full sized hand picked items. The only samples that may come in this box will be a surprise!

~Artisan Box: $42/month. Artisan Box by Luxurion World is a monthly subscription box full of authentic and high quality goods directly from India. Each box will contain handcrafted 3-5 lifestyle products from local craftsman and artisans.

~MyIrelandBox: $45/month. MyIrelandBox introduces subscribers to wonderful Irish made craft items and to those who make them. Included in the MyIrelandBox Craft will be a selection of Irish made/designed home goods, accessories, jewelry, stationary or beauty products.

~Alaska Cache Box: $45.95/quarter. Alaska Cache Box is a quarterly subscription box of curated items from Alaskan artists and businesses. The cache boxes will have a variety of quality items ranging from artwork, personal care items, food, and clothing all from Alaskan businesses.

~Pura Vida Box: $47/month. Pura Vida is a Costa Rican inspired monthly box of mind, body and soul. Every month, you’ll discover 6-8 delicious Costa Rican Tarrazu coffee, handmade artisan-crafted bath & body essentials, healthy organic snacks & treats, natural handcrafted home goods + more delivered in a beautifully bright pineapple box right to your doorstep!

~Made South: $47/month. Made South sends a curated shipment of Southern Goods to your door every three months. With every shipment you’ll learn about the wonderful people making great things all over the South, and every MADE SOUTH box will be hand-packaged with a lot of love.

~Batch Nashville: $49 – $99/quarter. Batch Nashville sends hand-crafted, artisanal boxes of “the best Nashville has to offer” on a monthly basis right to your door. All items are high-quality and locally-made and remain a mystery under they arrive! You can opt for a Standard Box ($49/quarter) or Deluxe Box ($99/quarter) and boxes can be customized by Man, Woman or Family.

~Eucopia: $49/month. Eucopia is a subscription box of European living. Also available is the Eucopia Mini for $15/month which includes one item. Every month, Eucopia brings you everything you need to add some European flavor to day-to-day living. From the kitchen to the office, from snacks you’ll devour right away to heirlooms you’ll pass down for generations: if it’s beautiful, useful, and interesting, it’s Eucopia material.

~Irish Taste Club: $49/month. Irish Taste Club is a unique way to get the finest Irish gourmet food to you – monthly! Each box will contain 7 – 9 niche products, sourced directly from Ireland’s finest independent producers.

~Package from Portland: $49/month. PFP is a “subscription box” company, shipping quarterly curated and themed packages of dry grocery items made in Portland, OR. Inside each package is 4-6 dry (full-sized) grocery items that are a part of a theme.

~Bon Appétit Box: $59/month. Bon Appétit Box sends you the best gourmet foods from France, delivered right to your door. Each Bon Appétit Box is painstakingly curated by avid gourmands, Zoé & Bertrand, and consists of only the finest French artisan goodies. Within your Bon Appétit Box, you will find 7-8 scrumptious gourmet items perfect for sharing, or exploring different combinations and tastes.

~American Mystery Box: $59/month. American Mystery Box is a monthly subscription box filled with Made in America products. Each box will include 5-6 specialties to taste from different cities and USA-made products that are useful for your home or the great outdoors. You can opt for an Original Box, a Kid’s Box (for ages 5+), a Family Box (which is a mixture of the Original Box and the Kid’s Box) or an Original + Doggie Box.

~Roaming Local: $59/month. The Roaming Local Box sends you a box of carefully selected full sized pantry items from a selected US City.

~NonnaBox: $69.95/month. NonnaBox is a monthly subscription box with one one simple mission: To deliver a new way of traveling every region of Italy and discovering its great food variety without leaving home. Each monthly box contains 6 full-size premium items and an insert with regional food history and traditional recipes from real Nonnas.

~NorseBox: $79/quarter. NorseBox is a curated box of handpicked Scandinavian-influenced lifestyle and home goods from the latest designers. The box is sent out every quarter (December, March, June, September) and reflects trends from each season.

~Koofsa: $90/quarter. Koofsa is a monthly box of artisanal foods from Isreal. Each hand-packaged box will include at least 5 chosen artisanal products (full-size) together with the producer’s stories, recipes, and pictures for you to collect. Koofsas are sent four times per year (Passover, Summer, Rosh Hashanah, and Hanukkah) and are payable on an annual basis.

~Harvest Crates: $99/quarter. Every season Harvest Crates delivers a curated selection of 6-8 artisan products, from responsible producers in California Wine Country. Crates are thoughtfully assembled with delicious and authentic, full-sized artisanal products.

~Ellada Lane: $149/bi-monthly. ELLADA LANE is a new luxury subscription service, offering unique boutique products selectively chosen to unravel the beauties of Greece. Boutique products will be curated each month from different parts of Greece.

~OuiPlease: $150/bi-monthly. OuiPlease delivers luxurious parcels every two months and bring the desired French aesthetic straight to the doors of American women. Each parcel features a different region of France and includes a selection of full-size, luxury products in home, epicure, beauty, jewelry, accessories and apparel.

~LUXE Provence: $195/quarter. Each season LUXE Provence curates a surprise selection of luxury objects, lifestyle and beauty products, and exclusive collaborations delivered to your door from Provence. Parcels are limited editions designed to celebrate each change of season in Provence, featuring local luxury brands, artisanal and hard-to-find items selected in the many small shops and markets of Provence.

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