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*Lifestyle* Boxes

~Moon Magic Club $13.99 – $19.99 – $24.99/month. The Moon Magic Box is a collection of treasures, gifts and surprises that aid in tuning and energizing your body, mind and spirit! You can opt for the Moon Magic Jewel Box ($13.99/month) which includes 7 different crystals and or gemstones, the Moon Magic Box BRONZE ($19.99/month) which includes 3-6 different and unique themed and intuitively selected treasures or the Moon Magic Box GOLD ($24.99/month) which includes everything that comes in the Bronze Box, plus All Access Membership into The Sanctuary, which is The Mystical Moon’s online private metaphysical community.

~People Magazine VIP: $17/month. In addition to weekly People magazines, you will also receive 3 Deluxe Gift Boxes during the year, along with a 6-month gift subscription and other exclusive benefits.

~The Cute Box: $18/month. The Cute Box is a monthly box full of handpicked cute/pretty/lovely/interesting items directly to your home every month! Every box includes 10+ (no limit aside from what will fit!) of cute items picked by us and could include items such as wall stickers, nail art supplies, hair accessories, jewelry, stationary, candy treats.

~POPSUGAR Must Have Mini Box $18.95/month. POPSUGAR Must Have Mini is a mini version of the popular POPSUGAR Must Have Box. The box will be full of curated, full-sized products (note: items are different from monthly Must Have) including the best in fashion, beauty, and home for only $18.95, shipping included.

~Citybox: $19.95/quarter. Citybox is a box chockfull of products from local and homegrown vendors that make every city unique. Each quarter Citybox selects a city and brings you a curated box that delivers the best that city has to offer to your doorstep.

~Peaches & Petals: $19.99/month. Peaches and Petals is a member based monthly subscription service that hand-curates each box with items that exemplify the woman who’s not afraid of adventure. Each box will contain 3-5 hand-selected beauty items and fashion accessories.

~Mystical Mojo Box: $20 – $51/month. Mystical Mojo Boxes provide tools to gently aid in raising the vibration of your Mind, Body & Soul. You can opt for the Crystal Mojo Box ($20/month) which includes 2-3 Crystals to go with the Theme of the Month or the Mega Mojo Box ($51/month) which includes 5-6 special items to bring a little magic & mindfulness into your life with monthly themes plus 1-2 extra high-value items!

~Date in a Crate: $21.98/month. Date in a Crate is a subscription box business that helps bring the spark back into your relationship. Every box they ship is filled with fun, unique, and spontaneous date night items and activities that are focused on bringing more romance and laughter into your lives.

~Luxe Pineapple Post: $24/month. Luxe Pineapple Post is a monthly beauty and lifestyle subscription box. Each month they’ll send you 4 or more beauty and beauty lifestyle items packaged in a pretty pink box.

~Lovebird: $24.99/month. Lovebird offers a monthly date in a box. Once a month, you will receive an insanely creative date at your door. All you have to do is have a blast with your honey/pumpkin/sugar and Lovebird will do the rest.

~Little Luxuries Box by Sunset 45: $25/month. Each box includes an assortment of “little luxuries” from fine and boutique-quality jewelry to salon brand nail polish, delicious fragrances and more. You can select from the “Classics” box which includes timeless pieces you can wear season after season or the “Lavish” box which includes runway-ready fashion and beauty accessories.

~SugarBash: $25/month. SugarBash is a monthly themed lifestyle box for women. The website details the theme each month and gives you some hints about what to expect in your box.

~ZenBox by Jen: $25/month. ZenBox by Jen™ is a monthly subscription box mailed right to your door, filled with various wellness items such as teas, Epsom salts, coloring pages, sage bundles, guided meditations, and more! The theme of the box will change with each new month.

~UniversiTee Box: $25.24 – $45.24/month. The UniversiTee BOX™, is a lifestyle monthly subscription box for college women and an affiliate brand of MaverickHill™, a collegiate women’s lifestyle brand. You can opt between The Freshman Box ($25.24/month ) which includes: A MaverickHIll™ Empowerment Tee, Our 2015-2016 Affirmation Series, a Themed Matte Button, a Themed Vinyl Sticker and Bonus Freebies or The Senior Box ($45.24/month) which includes a MaverickHIll™ Empowerment Tee, a Dazzling Statement Necklace and Jewelry Box, 1-3 Office Lifestyle Products from Poppin™, Our 2015-2016 Affirmation Series, a Themed Matte Button, a Themed Vinyl Sticker and Bonus Freebies.

~Mermaidbox: $27/month. Mermaidbox is a monthly subscription box for mermaid and fantasy lovers of all ages. You will receive luxe products, jewelry, collectibles, plushes, lifestyle items, beauty and accessories. We also include unicorns and a Pusheen the cat each month. Mermaids will soon be swimming your way.

~Balance Box by Sapphire Soul: $28 – $48/month. Each month, you will receive a box filled with samples to enhance and inspire your body, mind and soul. Items could be from existing or brand new companies; focused on holistic and organic health, metaphysical products, and items good for balancing the energy in your home. The large box also includes a piece of crystal healing jewelry.

~Juneberry Box: $28.50/Bi-monthly. Juneberry Box is a bi-monthly subscription box for women, by women. Every two months, you will receive an assortment of unique and beautiful accessories and products based on our selected theme.Every other month, they receive 4-5 awesome lifestyle products such as jewelry, accessories, make-up, wellness products and more.

~PijonBox: $29/month. PijonBox is a curated care package for college students and is tailored to the needs of its recipient. They deliver awesome care crate subscriptions stuffed with fun and useful items, like food and snacks, cleaning supplies, grooming and personal hygiene, and more!

~BetterBox: $29/month. BetterBox is a subscription box with a purpose: helping you shape your best life ever. Every BetterBox is stocked with all the items you’ll need to complete your activities and shape your Better life. From delectable indulgences for yourself, to treasures to pass along to loved ones, each box will enchant you on your journey to Better and Better.

~Mindfulness Box: $29/month. Mindfulness Box is a monthly subscription box service promoting mindfulness, inner peace and balance by giving people the tools to live with more intention and in the present moment. Each month, you will receive 4-5 thoughtfully curated items accompanied with guided dialog to enrich the recipients’ journey to balance and inner peace. Examples of items which may be included are holistic and homeopathic essential oil based health care products, handcrafted jewelry, home goods such as Himalayan Salt candles, delicious organic treats, herbal teas, sage, natural minerals/crystals evoking positive energy, and MUCH more!

~Hello! Bliss Box: $29.95/month. Hello Bliss Box is a monthly goodie box full of 3-5 surprises for moms and women! Boxes include carefully curated products from jewelry, accessories, skincare and/or decor, kitchen or just plain ol’ feel good products that celebrate moms & women alike and are sure to delight you every month.

~Hammock Pack: $30/month. Every month, you’ll receive a surprise pack filled with everything you need to take a much needed getaway without even leaving your home. Whether it’s as simple as a movie night or mementos from that exotic vacation you can’t find the time to take.

~mybestbox: $30.98/month. mybestbox aims to make achieving a healthier lifestyle convenient, affordable and fun.  Each box is carefully curated with only the best, new products to deliver a holistic experience.

~Q BOX: $32.45/month. Q Box is a lifestyle subscription box, which contains 5-7 full size cute items, delivered every month right to your doorstep. Most brands included are from Japan and South Korea and each box includes a piece of high-quality jewelry.

~PitterPat Packages: $33/month. PitterPat is a company that started in 2014 with a goal of bringing people together and creating heartfelt connections. It’s a box, a box filled with a complete date night idea and all of the goodies needed to take your date night from ordinary to EXTRAordinary.

~CatLadyBox: $34.99 – $39.99/month. CatLadyBox is a monthly box of the most unique and exclusive cat lady finds. In it you’ll find cat-themed jewelry, clothes, accessories, decor, books and more for you. You can opt for the CatLadyBox ($34.99) which include a fabulous assortment of cat-themed items sure to make you the envy of all your cat-loving friends or the Crazy CatLadyBox ($39.99), which will also include a couple special things for your kitties!

~Her Fashion Box: $35/month. Her Fashion Box (which is based in Australia) will send you one on-trend fashion accessory tailored to your style profile, as well as a number of carefully selected beauty products. In addition, boxes will include products, samples or offers from premium lifestyle brands that could include things such as gorgeous stationery, luxury candles, beauty or spa services, hair and make-up tools, gourmet food or wine tasters, cute home wares, online products, entertainment and more.

~The Bride Box: $35/month. Every month, The Bride Box will curate an exciting monthly box filled with fun full-sized gifts, samples, and more catered specifically to brides, which they will deliver to your door.

~Calmbox: $35/month. Calmbox is a monthly box for peaceful moments. Every calmbox includes items to help with mindfulness and calm, anything from books to candles, natural minerals and crystals, aromatic herbs, music, tea, motivational cards, physical aids, and much more! We choose a new theme every month (like meditation, zen, or mindfulness) and ship a box to your door with items to help you live a calmer, more peaceful life.

~The Bookish Box: $35.49/month. Every month you will receive a shirt by Appraising Pages Shop and a 3-5 feminine home, beauty, and fashion items. The shirts will be exclusive to The Book(ish) Box and many items will be a contribution from other shops.

~Put A Bow On It: $36CAD – $59.99CAD/month. Put A Bow On It is a Canadian lifestyle subscription box.  Each month they ship a wrapped gift full of wonderful surprises curated around fun monthly themes.  Subscribers can opt for a Deluxe ($36CAD) or Premium ($59.99CAD) subscription.

~Mission Cute: $39/month. Mission Cute will send you a box of fun accessories and home goods from small businesses with 50% of the net proceeds being donated to a nonprofit each month.

~POPSUGAR Must Have Box: $39.95/month. PopSugar editors curate an exciting monthly box full of fun must-have picks across fashion, beauty, home decor, fitness, and more delivered right to your door. The monthly box targets women ages 18-40 and features full-size products and premium items including tried-and-true classics, celebrity favorites, and brands consumers have yet to discover. Products included are worth over $100.

~5 Wacky Women: $39.95/month. 5 Wacky Women is a a fun, surprise monthly subscription box featuring 4-6 products for the special woman in your life! Each month, the fun, fabulous and of course wacky team at 5 Wacky Women will choose four to six unique products to feature in their monthly box.

~Decor Discovery: $39.95/month. Decor Discovery is a curated home decor box designed to keep your interiors fresh. Whether it’s your home, your office, or both, this box is an easy & affordable way to get you loving your space, without the hassle of shopping around. Every 2 months, you’ll receive a new box featuring 2-3 pieces hand picked to fit any decor, any lifestyle. You’ll also receive design tips to get you started.

~StudioWedBox: $39.99/month. StudioWedBox delivers monthly samples and products that are truly a wedding must! Boxes include curated items that have been hand picked by a team of wedding planners and are personalized to where you are in the wedding process.

~Date to Door: $40/month. Date to Door is a monthly date night in a box. Every month they come up with a new theme and create several date activities to go with that theme. They will send you all of the ingredients you need for the activities, but the real value is in the date instructions. The instructions are what ties all of the materials in the date night box together.

~Lemon Drop Box: $40/month: Lemon Drop Box is a monthly subscription box for her. Each Lemon Drop Box is packed with 3 to 5 delicious, pampering, engaging and seasonal surprises all perfectly sized and shipped in a cheerful box with your personalized postcard.

Revel Box: $42/quarter. Revel box collaborates with artists from around the world to create a beautiful, seasonally themed box. Revel box offers handmade and interesting items for women such as jewelry, paper crafts, confections, and home décor.

~Covet Crate: $44.95 – $84.95/month. Covet Crate is the first lifestyle subscription box for professional women. Items include things such as: office supplies and accessories, stationery, office decor, style accessories, beauty and skincare items, office snacks, books, discounts (on things such as business/life coaching, classes, etc.), and anything else that may empower, motivate, inspire, and encourage you! Subscribers may opt for the Girl Boss ($44.95) or the Lady Boss ($84.95).

~Joyfully Boxed: $45/quarter. Joyfully Boxed offers fun, whimsical gift boxes.  Boxes will contain unique, often hand crafted items that will bring a smile to your face.

~Doteable: $45/month. Doteable is a brand new subscription care package service for college students. Each duffel is filled with daily essentials (from socks to seasonal accessories) and fun new discoveries.

~Hamptons Lane: $47/month. Hamptons Lane curates an amazing monthly box of artisan foods, kitchen tools, and serveware for the food lover. Boxes will be revealed at the beginning of every month and Hamptons Lane allows you to “skip” months if you aren’t interested after that month’s box has been revealed.

~Socialbliss Style Box: $47.90/month. Style Box is a subscription service from Socialbliss. Boxes contain items which may be featured on the Socialbliss site, along with others that are emerging hot items not yet available to the public. Each box will contain an assortment of popular one size fits all fashion accessories and lifestyle products and will have a value of at least $100.

~LuxePineapple Home Box: $48/bi-monthly. The LuxePineapple Home lifestyle box includes 4 or more LP finds for the home including artisan crafted items, decor, kitchen+baking, office must-haves, home textiles +linens, specialty cleaning items plus more. This is a gift-ready beautifully presented box with a hand-tied fabric bow.

~Lilee: $49/month. Lilee is a luxury beauty and lifestyle monthly subscription box featuring full-size products ranging from jewelry to makeup, hair care and skincare, stationery, small consumables and just about any other fabulous product they can fit in that gorgeous pink and black box! Lilee Box was started by the folks behind Beauty Box 5 and each box promises to have a value of $120+.

~Your Secret Admirer Box: $49/month. Your Secret Admirer delivers a box of hand-selected items designed to make every woman feel appreciated. What is inside each monthly themed box is a surprise, however, they be announcing a few favorite brands that will be featured in each month’s box so that you get an idea of what to expect.

~Datelivery: $49/month. Datelivery is a monthly date in a box. Each month you’ll get a unique, planned out, themed date night along with complementary items to enhance your date night experience.

~Prospurly: $49.95/month.Prospurly sends a monthly subscription box filled with exceptional experiences curated around organic, artisan & small-batch products. Each box includes 6-8 Luxurious Products with an average value of $80. Items included range from irresistible Gourmet Foods and Bath & Body Essentials.

~WEvolve Box: $49.95/month. Wevolve Box delivers sacred objects for your soul. Every-other month you will receive a divinely curated box containing 4-7 beautiful & high quality items, such as: Meditation tools, chimes, prayer beads & singing bowls, symbols, talismans, & oracles, natural body products, figures of Goddesses, Buddhas and other Divine beings, crystals with properties for healing and manifestation, adornment for your body temple, incense, sage, resins and many more…

~Luxily Boutique Box: $49.95/month. Luxily Boutique Box delivers varied items that are curated by the owner and designer, Samantha Annen who carefully selects the best products in fashion, home décor, stationary, and much more.

~Artistry Gifts: $49.99/month. Artistry Gifts offers a monthly themed box filled with “giftable” items. Boxes will include 4-6 items with a value of $60+ and may consist of items such as candles, jewelry, snacks, home items, stationery, spa products and more.

~Little Lace Box: $49.99/month. Little Lace Box is a subscription service that delivers hand-curated, nearly impossible-to-find designer products directly to your doorstep every month. Your monthly Little Lace Box will also be brimming with high-end, brand name beauty, lifestyle, and home product samples to treat yourself to and dazzle your friends during your next night out.

~FabFitFun: $49.99/quarter. FabFitFun delivers the season’s best beauty, fashion, & fitness products (full-size, of course) straight to your doorstep.

~Kozy Throw Club: ($49.99/box). The Kozy Throw Club from Little Lace Box and sends a new throw from The Amalia Home Collection each season.  Each throw will be designed for the season in color, texture and fabric.

~Konenkii Box: $49.99/quarter. Konenkii Box was born from a passion to support modern women—north of 40—to age fearlessly and have some fun along the way. Each box will contain grown-up sized beauty products, culinary delights, accessories, books, and exclusive Konenkii creations that can help ease, educate and empower.

~Hole in the Wall Box: $52.35/Bi-monthly. Hole in the Wall Box gives travel enthusiasts a new way to immerse themselves with different cultures across the world. Every two months Hole in the Wall Box will take you to a different city. Depending on the city, you may receive gourmet treats such as homemade snacks, chocolates, candies, almonds and nuts, etc. They will also include the most awe-inspiring spices, condiments, and sauces for your pallet from time to time. And no visit to a city will be complete without some handmade soaps, candles, lotions, or lip balms as well.

~White Willow Box: ~$53/month. White Willow is a monthly Canadian based lifestyle subscription box. Each box will contain four to five samples and full-sized products ranging from: beauty and personal care products, fashion accessories, home decor accents, culinary delights, technology gadgets and other lifestyle surprises.

~Gable Lane Crates: $54.95/month. Gable Lane Crates are the new way to shop for home decor. They bring you trending home accessories for a different room in your home, delivered once a month – no subscription necessary! If your style pulls from a farmhouse, rustic, cottage, vintage or an urban styled home, you’re sure to love the contents of their crates. They offer 2 crate options and 2 ways to buy. The Original Crate is priced at $49.95 and is guaranteed to have a minimum of 4 trending décor items with a retail value of at least $70! The Exclusive Crate is a bigger and better version of the Original and is priced at $84.95, retailing at a minimum of $105!

~The Remedy Rush: $59/quarter. The Remedy Rush is a quarterly subscription box that delivers a premium assortment of artisan spa and body products every season – autumn, winter, spring, summer. Boxes will feature professionally-evaluated brands committed to using the best, eco-friendly ingredients to create inventive and sustainable products that enhance your wellness journey.

~Hope Supply: $60/quarter. Hope Supply is a seasonally curated box filled with ethically produced fashion and/or home finds that empower women to rise above poverty. This box is a collaborative effort between Mi Esperanza, Arrowroot Clothing, Liz Alig, and Tribe Alive and includes over $125 in retail value.

~Box of Chic: $61.25/bi-monthly. Box of Chic is a bi-monthly subscription box for your home from Jennifer Wagner Schmidt of JWS Interiors . Each box will surprise you with pretty pieces for your desk, coffee table, kitchen, bar, dining room, bedroom and more!

~Inspired Room Box: $62.97/month. Inspired Room Box is a monthly home decor subscription box! You choose your style (Rustic, Vintage or Modern), and each box comes with 3-5 stunning home decor items for a different room in your home.

~Lost Blvd.: $75/month. Lost Blvd.™ is a lifestyle subscription box. Each month you will get a themed box with premium product from inspired brands. The Lost box will have a minimum retail value of $150+ at your subscription price. The gifts in your box will vary from clothing, beauty, books, food, accessories and more.

~Rob Vices: $82.90/month. Robb Vices is a membership program centered on a monthly delivery of storied treasures. Every month brings a fresh collection of incredible products and experiences that have been curated for your enjoyment. The story of these products is told through a keepsake booklet to help you discover what they are all about. Every month is a new surprise which may bring you exceptional wines and spirits to enjoy, foods to taste, tools, toys, accessories, and gadgets that are worthy of your ownership.

~Moi-Meme: ~$85/month. Moi-Meme is a UK-based subscription with most of their partners also being British or European. Boxes include  at least 5 full-size gifts from the worlds of beauty, accessories, stationery, jewellery, homeware and more.

~Minimalism & Co.: $95/quarter. Minimalism & Co. delivers the best minimalist lifestyle products to your door. Each quarter we assemble limited edition collections of elevated lifestyle essentials for men & women.

~Box of Style by Rachel Zoe: $100/quarter. The Style Box promises to include $300 favorite fashion, beauty and lifestyle items hand-curated by Rachel and The Zoe Report Team.

~Happy Rebel Box: $100/quarter. Happy Rebel is a seasonal subscription box that delivers hand-selected lifestyle pieces directly to your door. n each box, you’ll find a combination of hand-picked accessories, jewelry, household items, and more.

~Mostess Box: $125/season. Mostess is a membership service that helps you host beautiful gatherings in your home by sending curated party items and ideas straight to your door. Every season Mostess sends a box directly to your doorstep. Each box contains 4-6 handpicked and perfectly coordinated items that you can use to host a gathering in your home. Items could include cocktail ingredients, decorative items, snacks, stationery, and more.

~MonthlyExpress: $129/month. MonthlyExpress is the perfect gift of “ME Time” – for friends, loved ones, and most importantly – yourself! Each month you’ll receive a beautifully wrapped box containing high-end luxury products with a boutique feel from all around the world delivered directly to your doorstep.

~Luxor Box: $139/bi-monthly. Luxor Box is an exclusive one-of-a-kind subscription club offering luxurious spa products, top-shelf beauty products and unique treasures from around the world. Every other month you’ll receive 5-7 full size luxurious products with a $250+ value.

~Date Nite Box: $149 – $219 – $309/month. Date Nite Box plans out date nights for couples that are unique, creative and fun; packaged and shipped out monthly. Boxes include date vouchers / tickets / gift cards, etc., Ice Breaker talk cards, Couple Coupon Cards, A Couple of Note Cards and Spice It Up items. You can opt for the Bronze Dates ($149), Silver Dates ($219) or Gold Dates ($209).

~She Found It: $219/quarter. She Found It is a quarterly lifestyle subscription service the curates unique, impeccably crafted limited edition finds to a discerning clientele.  The box is the brainchild of Angela Lutin, a 20-year veteran of sales, concept development, and emerging brand discovery.

~BlackBox VIP: $1,700/quarter. Each Box will contain new, unique, exclusive, or limited edition items scoured from around the globe; hand-curated, highly-coveted items from labelled goods to literature, tablets to telescopes. You can also opt for an Infinity Box (£100,000/annually) which will contain the rarest and most desirable objects in existence, from fine art to fine wine, culinary excellence to experiential ecstasy, sourced from around the world.

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  1. Lisa

    Hi Jen,
    Just a suggestion, but you might want to remove The Big Pink Box and Gloss Find Box from your list. I got ripped off by both of them. They never sent me the box I paid for. I know The Big Pink Box is sort of legit, but I’ve heard of others not getting the box and no one will respond to emails about my order. Gloss Finds Box is a complete scam. I never received the box and now I’m not getting a response from them either. If you google the owner, you’ll see there have been complaints filed and on top of that she has been arrested recently and has a record. Correct me if I’m wrong about myGloss, cause I would love to know if anyone has ever received a box from them.

    1. Jennifer

      Thank you! I will update this week!

  2. kristy

    i would strongly suggest cautioning your readers against ordering from Her Fab Box, i paid 28 dollars and received a box of dollar store items, with an approximate value of 15$. I was lied to repeatedly by the owner, blocked from her facebook after attempting to get my money back, and am currently awaiting the results of my dispute through my credit card. Paypal would not refund my money because they have a 45 day dispute policy, i paid at the end of december for 2 february boxes that were not received until march 8, which is past their dispute date.

    1. Jennifer

      Thank you for the heads up!

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    Just looked into the People one and it is not coming up anymore? discontinued?

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