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*Kids* Boxes

~Zoobean: $2.99 – $14.99/month. Zoobean subscriptions helps you build your individual child’s literacy with remarkable children’s books and apps selected just for him or her. You may select from a monthly book delivery service (from $9.99/month) that gives you one hardcover or paperback book each month, along with an app recommendation + literacy guides or a digital service option (from $2.99/month) and receive weekly personalized app + book recommendations that come with literacy guides.

~Kiwibop Post Card Pals: $3.99/month. Each month Kiwibop sends awesome postcards to your child that will engage their reading skills and teach them about the world!

~Captain Toto: $7.90/month. Captain Toto is a monthly sticker subscription for kids. Once a month you will receive an envelope with a letter about Captain Toto’s new discoveries and three sheets of exclusive stickers. The kit includes captivating stories and amusing illustrations will inspire your little ones to learn about our big and fascinating world.

~ABCmouse: $7.95/month. ABCmouse.com offers a depth and breadth of educational content for early learners never before seen in one location on the web, with more than 5,000 individual learning activities and more than 450 lesson plans. Developed in close collaboration with nationally recognized early childhood education experts, their curriculum includes all of the important academic basics that young children need to know to be successful in preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten classes.

~Pley: $9.99 – $19.99/month. Pley is the leading toy rental company, helping smart parents save money, reduce clutter and help the environment , while raising brighter kids. With the Explorer plan ($9.99/month), you receive one toy a month. The Adventurer ($19.99/month) plans provide you unlimited toys per month! With any plan, you can keep the toy as long as you’d like! Depending on your plan type, once you have sent the toy back, the next one is shipped out to you right away!

~Periwinkle: $10/month (4-month min.): Periwinkle is a monthly earring subscription club for girls. Each month, the girl in your life will receive a beautiful package in the mail. Inside she’ll find super-cute post earrings, in the happiest hues of the rainbow.

Little Passports: $11.95/month. Little Passports offers a U.S. and a World subscription that allow your child to follow Sam and Sofia on their exciting adventures around the USA and the world. Little Passports inspire a love and understanding of the world as your child learns about a geography, history, culture, and language in a fun and memorable way.

~Our Little Roots: $11.95/month. Our Little Roots bag is a monthly bag of all the necessary gardening supplies needed to help your child begin their very own garden. All of their seeds are non-GMO and the soil is high-quality organic. You can select from Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers or Herbs and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

~PeelyPack: $11.99 – $19.99/month. PeelyPack is a fun monthly sticker delivery for kids so children can play and parents can relax. Each PeelyPack has at least 10 unique sheets of stickers, or at least 150 individual stickers per pack (usually much more!). Also inside each pack is a fun activity sheet designed by a PeelyPack artist, plus some play tips to help parents engage their child in thoughtful discussion about each month’s theme. Also available is a FamilyPack for $19.99/month.

~Junior Captains: $12/month. Junior Captains is a monthly subscription box which follows Captain Bo & Alli as they sail around the world. All subscription begin with the Starter Kit which contains all kinds of goodies including a logbook, wall map, and inflatable globe. Starter Kits are primarily designed for elementary aged children, but all ages are welcome to join the adventure. 3-month minimum.

~Mission Unboxable: $12.50/month. Mission Unboxable ships top secret missions mailed to your child’s doorstop every month. Secret missions include spy gear, disguise kits, fingerprint analysis, decoders, get-away cards, target practice, bird-watching and much more.

~Kelly Kits: $12.99/month. Kelly Kits are an all-inclusive art-play curriculum for children ages 2 to 102! Kelly Kit activities introduce a broad variety of tools, materials and art techniques in 5 art disciplines: painting, sculpting, drawing, printmaking, and collage!

~Hooray Mail: $13/month. Hooray Mail is subscription snail mail delivered twice per month for kids ages 2-6. In each brightly colored envelope find a personalized card and a simple, fun activity!

~Space Scouts: $14.95/month. Space Scouts is a monthly subscription program designed to engage your child in fun learning activities, hands-on discovery, and exciting challenges. Space Scouts is recommended for those 6+ years of age.

~Animal Trackers: $14.95/month. Animal Trackers Club is a monthly subscription program specifically designed for your Pre-reader/Beginning Reader (3+ years). Each month your child will “track” a new animal through age-appropriate instructional materials designed to encourage hands-on, creative learning.

~My First Reading Club: $14.99/month. My First Reading Club was founded on a passion for reading and improving literacy. Each month My First Reading Club sends 3 age appropriate books to your child–wrapped like a gift–to reinforce the positive power of reading.

~Little Scribblers Art Club: $15/month. Each month you will receive everything you need to do four developmentally designed art experiences with your Little Scribbler. Your first month will be a box of supplies and every month after will include full instructions and the papers, stickers, yarn and all other flat craft supplies you will need for four fun-filled art experiences. Payable Annually.

~Panda Pals: $15/month. Panda Pals Socktivity sends two pairs of fun Panda Pals socks, an engaging story about an animal you can read together and an educational activity featuring a new Panda Pal every month.

~DoodleBug Busy Bags: $15.99/month. DoodleBug Busy Bags is a monthly craft subscription for kids ages 3 – 8 that aims to keep little hands busy and little minds active. Each month your child will receive a bag of 4 – 8 curated crafts, often centered on a holiday or seasonal theme, and all the supplies your child needs to complete each activity.

~Mysteries in Time: ~$16 – $27/month. Mysteries in Time is an exciting, UK based, monthly history subscription box for children aged 7-11.  Each month, subscribers receive a time machine postal package packed with high-quality, fun, educational activities for children, all linked to a different period in history. This exciting journey through history for kids starts in Ancient Egypt. Other stops in history include Elizabethans, World War 2 and Ancient Greece.

~The World’s Most Fascinating Rock Collection: $16.33/month. The World’s Most Fascinating Rock Collection, a fun and educational monthly subscription based collection of twelve of the most fascinating rocks in the world for kids aged 5-13 years old. Each month your child will receive one of twelve rock or mineral samples shipped with a clear, connectable storage container that grows with and displays the collection. Your child will also receive fun and informative educational material specific to the included rock, instructions for applicable hands-on projects, and content-reinforcing paper activities. 3-month minimum.

~Silly Box: $17 – $32/month. SillyBox is a 501c3 certified, non-profit organization that provides children in foster care with boxes full of new, colorful children’s books with uplifting positive messages, toys, and other fun items in order to help cultivate a more loving, happy, playful atmosphere. You can opt to send a Small Box ($17/month) or a Big Box ($32/month).

~So Bailey: $18.95/month. So Bailey is a monthly subscription club designed for girls ages 6 to 12, which sends adorable hair accessories and inspiring pay it forward activities right to your door. Each month, Bailey and her fabulous team select the perfect hair party to make any girl excited. Their goal to inspire the girls, show them how easy and fulfilling it can be to give back to their local community, school and beautiful earth. The amazing and fun activities with complete instructions will be included in each month’s box.

~The Doodle Post: $19/month (3-month min). The Doodle Post is a series of art projects and was created to inspire creativity and fun in kids ages 5-10. Each project has been tested and approved by an insanely cool group of students.

~Crafting It Forward: $19/month. Crafting It Forward is a monthly craft subscription box focused on connecting families, creating memories and spreading love to those in need. Boxes are designed for kids aged 3-7 and contain enough materials to create two crafts each month. Boxes will also contain a shipping label to a children’s hospital or a senior center in the United States so that you can send your finished crafts and spread joy across the states to people that need a smile.

~Kiwi Crate: $19.95/month. Crates are designed around fun themes and filled with all of the materials and inspiration for hands-on projects for kids ages 3-7. Explore with arts & crafts, science activities, imaginative play, and more.

~Green Kid Crafts: $19.95/month. Every Discovery Box comes with 3 exciting projects designed to build creativity, boost confidence and engage children with nature.

~The Happy Trunk: $19.95/month. The Happy Trunk brings a carefully curated box filled with art, craft and science activities for hands-on projects for kids ages 3-11. All materials included.

~Koala Crate: $19.95/month. Koala Crate, from the makers of Kiwi Crate, is designed for kids 3-4 years old and parks kids’ natural creativity and curiosity while saving time for busy parents. Every crate includes all the materials and inspiration for projects related to a theme such as colors, transportation or safari.

~Kidstir: $19.95/month. Kidstir is a monthly kit of delicious recipes, kid-size tools, fun food games, & a premium ingredient! Kidstir kits are designed to appeal to kids ages 5-10 and every kit is mom, chef, educator, pediatrician, nutritionist and kid approved!

~Nerd Block Jr.: $19.99/month. Nerd Block Junior is aimed for children ages 6-11 years old and includes epic toys delivered to your door every month. You can opt for a boys block or a girls block which contain nerdy apparel, toys, and collectables.

~EggDrop: $19.99/month. EggDrop is a new subscription box for kids who love Shopkins™, Kinder™ eggs, blind bags, blind boxes or any other type of surprise toy. Each box will contain six eggs filled with surprise toys.

The Magic School Bus Science Club: $19.99/month. The Magic School Bus is a monthly science club for kids ages 5-12 years old. Each month your child will receive a different themed kit such as Magnets, Acids/Bases, and Weather Station.

Book Roo: $19.99/month. Book Roo is a monthly subscription box for kids. The Box is intended to be an inexpensive way for parents to grow their child’s personal library of books. Boxes with picture books come with 2 books. Boxes with board books come with 3 books.

~Reiko Rose: $20/month. Reiko Rose is a monthly subscription to a box of hand-picked treasures, celebrating the culture and adventure of a child’s life in Hawaii. In every box, Reiko Rose herself – a curly-haired cutie from Maui – shares the beauty and wonder of her home Hawaii. Each box is sure to deliver Aloha, from the treasures (which follow a monthly theme) to the included origami craft-of-the-month project. 3-month minimum.

~We Cook Kit by Baby Boy Bakery: $20/month. We Cook Kit is a monthly box with an original recipe and coordinating exclusive tools designed around creating memories in the kitchen with your child.

~Lil’ Bear Book Club: $21.99 – $22.99/month. Lil’ Bear Book Club is a monthly children’s book subscription service. If you choose board books ($21.99/month) you’ll get 3-4 board books. If you chose picture books ($22.99/month) your child will get 2-4 picture books depending on the retail value of the individual books.

~Little Thinker Box: $21.99/month. The Little Thinker Box is a monthly subscription service for children preparing to enter Pre-K or Kindergarten. Each month the child is sent a themed-based activity box that focuses on reading, writing, math, science, and other skills; using fun games, crafts, and experiments. Each month’s theme is a surprise.

~The Story Box: $21.99/month. The Story Book is a monthly children’s book subscription service. When you subscribe, your family will receive a monthly box that is curated by a nationally certified speech-language pathologist. Each box contains 2 children’s books and a guide for parents.

~Junior Explorers: $22.99/month. Junior Explorers is a monthly subscription box which features missions involving animals in a different ecosystem each month. The Box is designed for kids aged 5-12 and includes collectibles, activities and mission details every month. It has has digital missions, games and online rewards.

~OMG Box: $24/month. OMG Box is a curated accessory box for girls ages 2-6. Subscribe and these styles are delivered every month, or just once.

~Artsy Fartsy: $24.95/month. Artsy Fartsy is a monthly subscription service that delivers do-it-yourself arts and craft activities for your kids directly to your door each month. Each delivery will contain all the raw materials and instructions needed to complete three activities. Boxes are available for boys and girls and are also separated into two different age groups (2-5 and 6-10).

~Disney Tsum Tsum: $24.95/month. Disney’s Tsum Tsum subscription is a monthly subscription box for Tsum Tsum characters. Each month subscribers will receive a stack-tacular parcel with one small plush and one coordinating subscription exclusive mini-plush delivered right to their doorsteps.

~UChest Kids: $24.98/month. uChest’s mission is to bring a more kid-friendly experience to the “randomness” of the subscription box model. When a child receives a uChest,the individual obtains a box filled with products that fully cater to a child’s interest. uChest is designed to include many products that will entertain and educate children of all types, ages 6-11.

~Agent Ribbit: $24.99/month. Agent Ribbit sends you and your little detectives everything you need for exciting science investigations, every month! Boxes are designed for kids ages 4-9 and includes at least 4 science investigations and creative learning projects in every box.

~Max Pack: $24.99/month. Max Pack is a box full of activities that spark imagination, discovery & learning in kids aged 3-5 years-old. Each themed box contains a cool, kid-healthy snax recipe, two unique Max on Snax® branded arts & crafts projects, a themed Coloring book, a cool sandwich shaper, weekly charts to help create awareness of good eating and exercise, online content and a grown-up packet with additional information.

~The Boodle Box: $24.99/month. The Boodle Box is a monthly subscription box full of adorable accessories and beauty products that encourage girls of all ages to uncover new things and discover themselves in the process!

~Benko Box: $24/month. Benko Box is a monthly subscription art box for kids aged 3 and up meant to inspire sensory exploration and creativity. Each box will include a wide variety of art materials from fabric, patterned rollers, clay or the latest new products and will be delivered to your door each month.

~Bramble Box: $25/month. Bramble Box, which is designed for children 3-8 years of age, provides creative play kits containing dramatic play materials and activities. Educational and fun, Bramble Boxes promote free play. Every box contains all the materials you need and a little inspiration – all you have to add is imagination.

~Skrubbed: $25/month. Skrubbed is dedicated to finding the best natural and organic body care products for your children – with kids ages 1-6 in mind. Each month, you’ll receive a selection of three to four trial-size products, as well as one full-size featured product, all for one low price with free shipping!

~Little Loving Hands: $25/month. Little Loving Hands provides caretakers a fun way to educate their children on the importance of caring and giving back through monthly craft boxes. Every month Little Loving Hands, spotlights a new organization and craft, with all the materials and inspiration for kids to create, learn, and donate to a worthy cause.

~The Hair Bow Box: $25/month. The Hair Bow Box is a fabulous collection box of handmade hair bows and hair accessories for girls ages 3 months -18+ years old (you can still purchase if you are over the age of 18+).

~YOUR Toy Box: $25/month. YOUR Box is a monthly box of 7-10 toys customized just for you. The items in your box can range from modern to vintage and each box will contain a variety of items such as toys, collectibles, comics, movies, and video games.

~Culture Chest: $25/month. Culture Chest is a monthly subscription box service delivering cultural experiences to the doorsteps of children and educators. Each box has 2 hand-picked books and 1-2 activities. Their monthly themes are based on a Geographic region and a universal theme such as food, music, sports, etc.

~Lillypost: $26/month. Lillypost is a monthly book subscription box that sends beautiful children’s books and other goodies to your door! Each month, tiny fingers will eagerly open hand-wrapped packages and discover carefully curated books, a lovely little note and stickers for fun! They offer two options so you can choose the box that best suits the age of your child. Their Board Book Box is perfect for ages 0-2 and their Picture Book Box is great for ages 3+.

~Groovy Lab in a Box: $26.95/month. Groovy Lab in A Box sends subscribers everything you need to learn about and do hands on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) experiments for ages 8+. Their purpose is to provide children with an opportunity to focus his or her imagination, determination, and innately inquisitive nature with a way to complete a monthly STEM project using the Engineering Design Process. Formerly known as Einstein in a Box.

~History Unboxed: $26.99/month. History Unboxed is a subscription box for kids ages 5-15 that helps young people connect to history through hands-on learning. By experiencing the ancient world through recipes, crafts, art, myths, and relatable details, young learners can form a lasting and meaningful bond with the past, and find out just how rewarding and entertaining learning can be!

~Playitforward Kids: ~$27/month. A playitforward kids at home box will supply all the items you need to create a simple gift for others, and show your child how fun it is to give. The monthly subscription will include all the items to create a gift or perform a random act of kindness in your community as well as provide your child with an at home activity to keep for him/her to share or play with others.

 ~Girlboxx: $27.99/month. Girlboxx is a subscription for girls ages 6-15.  Boxes are broken down into three age groups (6-8, 9-11, 12-15) and include fun, exciting and colorful products that promote self-expression and individuality. Also available is the Girlbag, which is $17.99/month and includes 4-5 amazingly unique products.

~EggChest: ~$29 – $55/month. EggChest is a subscription service that delivers surprise eggs to your door every month. You can opt for the Regular Box (~$29/month) which includes (5) surprise eggs, (1) large surprise eggs and (1) jumbo 6” surprise egg or the Large Box (~$55/month) which includes (6) surprise eggs, (6) large surprise eggs and (2) jumbo 6” surprise eggs. You can customize by Boy or Girl and can opt for Candy or No Candy.

~Cultured Owl: $29/month. Cultured Owl is an educational subscription service focused on growing global citizens. Their Country Kits, which are designed for children aged 5-10, include a country booklet, collectible trading card, country flag, recipe card, toys, and 2-3 hands-on activities.

~Little Fun Club: $29/month. Little Fun Club delivers books, puzzles and educational games for children from 0-12 years old to your door. Each month your child will receive three age appropriate items i.e. books, selected puzzles or educational digital content delivered to your door.

~Mindfulness Kids Box: $29/month. The Mindfulness kids box is a monthly subscription service for children ages 3-12 that teaches mindfulness, while promoting peace in themselves and the world around them. Each month is thoughtfully curated with hands-on activities, literature, meditations, a healthy snack and so much more to nurture your child’s heart and mind!

~Avery & Austin: $29/month. Avery & Austin sends money playdate boxes for children 4-10 years of age. Each uniquely-themed box contains two complete craft kits and snacks for two kids (or one kid and one adult), plus a host gift for you.

~Festive Roots: $29.95/quarter. Festive Roots is a mini immersion into the many different festivals and holidays the world has to offer. Each Festive Trunk will be based upon a festival or a holiday in the world. The kit will also include 3 to 4 themed crafts that help bring the festival to life in your house! All the supplies needed to create and decorate these pieces of art will be provided, from the glue stick to the paint.

~GIRLS CAN! CRATE: $29.95/month. GIRLS CAN! CRATES inspire girls ages 4-8 to believe they can BE and DO anything. Each crate introduces girls to a fearless woman who helped make the world better and includes the materials needed for 2-3 STEM and art activities, an activity book, creative play PROPS, and practical tips to help parents foster crucial character traits in their girls.

~SurpriseRide: $29.99/month. Every month, you’ll receive a box that includes an activity with supplies and instructions to explore something new and other fun extras such as a book, gadget, stationary, snack, or game to enhance the experience. Rides are theme-based and cover all worlds, from art and culture to physics and technology and are perfect for children aged 6 to 11.

~BaptuBox: $29.99/month. BaptuBox is a monthly art, craft and science based subscription box for your young ones from 5-8 years old. Every BaptuBox has 2-3 new art, craft or science based projects to give your child a balanced exposure in different types of activities. Each box contains easy to follow instructions for the projects and the materials needed.

~Spangler Science Club: $29.99/month. The Spangler Science Club features highly interactive experiments and hands-on activities created by Steve Spangler. Each month you’ll receive a box filled with the science tools and resources needed to explore real-world STEM (an integration of science, technology, engineering and mathematics) activities. Boxes are designed for K-6.

~uChest: $29.99/month. uChest is designed to deliver a plethora of fun, educational products to children of all types, ages 6-11. When your child receives a uChest, they will obtain a box filled with products that fully cater to their interests and preferences.

~The Know Yourself Adventure Series: $29.99/month. The Know Yourself Adventure Series is a kids box with comic books, tools, and materials to perform experiments to explore a new system of the human body every month. With self-directed activities that educate and entertain, kids will have a deeper understanding of how their very own super powers help them understand the world!

~Bitsbox: $30/month. Bitsbox is a monthly code subscription box for kids. Boxes are set to contain an activity book with dozens of apps to build and modify, a pack of trading cards with even more app, stickers, temporary tattoos, and other fun stuff, a small toy that inspires some of that month’s apps, a Parent’s Guide with tips and suggestions for grownup and a packet of coupons and discounts on other educational toys.

~Minutes With Me: $30.90/month. Minutes with Me is a monthly parenting kits with ready made activities for children, helping parents to have meaningful activities with their child at a minutes notice.

~AKM Box: $30.99/month. The AKM Box is the exciting opportunity to learn tricks similar to the ones Zach uses, and as you learn, ones that are even more impressive.  Each month you will receive an AKM Box with exciting new tricks to learn and use on friends and family.  You’ll gain access to a private blog to learn more from people like professional magician Justin Flom.

~Cultured Owl: $31.67/month. Cultured Owl provides an educational product focused on growing global citizens. Their Country Kits are recommended for children ages 4-8 years-old, but are designed to bring the whole family together to explore world culture.  I received the “Australia” world tour for review.

~Crafty BookBox: $32.99/month. Crafty BookBox is a monthly subscription service for children ages 3-8 and is a box subscription like no other. Each month, you will receive a carefully and professionally curated hardback children’s book. It is the policy of Crafty BookBox to only send books that are newly published (within the past 2-6 months) and have at least 1 “starred review” from a major and reputable literary review journal. Additionally, you will receive craft supplies for a creative craft that corresponds with the theme of the book.

~Reading Bug Box: $32.99/month. The Reading Bug Box is a monthly children’s book subscription service. Each box contains a selection of books and gifts. Most individual boxes will contain three books, but sometimes two will be sent depending on price.

~Haepi Bean: $33/month. Haepi bean provides learning packages to target speech and language development in children ages 6 months to 4 years old. Every three months subscribers will receive toys, books and activities, along with ideas on how to use them to target milestones. Between packages, you’ll receive speech language tips and other useful information via online haepi bean newsletters! 3-month minimum.

~Boys Only: $34.95/month. Boys Only Monthly Subscription Box is a box filled with awesome, fun goodies for boys, ages 3-6. Every box will have at least 6 quality items that will be totally different and exciting each month. Products can include toys, games, books and more!

~Kids Prize Pack: $34.99/month. Kids Prize Pack is focused on helping children all over the country build a strong love and desire to read. Every Kids Prize Pack will include an Age and Gender appropriate Book, Toys, Games, and an assortment of other items. They choose a New Theme each month and base all included items on it.

~Little Shadows: $35/month. Little Shadow box is a monthly surprise box for your children ages 0 – 10 years. Each month they send out a themed box that contains an outfit and other small surprises for your child. You can also add moccs to your box for an additional $19/month.

~Humble Bugs Character Building Kit: $35/month. Each Humble Bugs’ Character Building Kit features a different character value that helps build stronger, happier kids and families. Character values include honesty, courage, goal setting, friendship, etc. Kits include supplies, information, a classic movie, crafts, and lots more that the whole family can enjoy together. Kits are for kids 4+.

~MEL Chemistry: $35.85/month. MEL Science delivers a standalone educational package that will captivate the interest of your child by demonstrating the real science in all of its beauty and depth. Each month you will receive three experiment sets delivered right to your door.

~Sundae’s World: $35.95/month. Sundae’s monthly subscription box inspires kids to travel! Each month you get a suitcase packed full of toys to take with you when you travel! Your box will include toys like surprise eggs, mystery boxes and blind bags. Sundae also sends a postcard with a fun fact from the place he traveled to.

~Ivy Kids Kit: $38.95/month. Ivy Kids Kit is a monthly educational subscription box for children ages 3-8. Each month you will receive a kit containing a book and ten or more activities based upon the story. Activities included in the kit have been carefully crafted to encourage curiosity, problem solving, and creativity in young children. The Ivy Kit games and projects are a fun way to develop fine and gross muscles, build math and literacy skills, encourage reading comprehension, and promote scientific thinking.

~SiNAP: $39.97/month. SiNAP is a monthly hand-curated boxes with gluten free snacks, sensory relief and therapeutic toys, hands on activities, interventions and a bunch of goodies for children and youth who march to their own beat. You can specify an ASD, SPD, DS or AD/HD diagnosis and boxes will also feature an item which is selected by that month’s guest curator.

~Cool Art Ideas: $39.99/month. Cool Art Ideas delivers a monthly art project to your door each month. Typically, each box includes the materials and instructions to complete one type of art project. Their art projects feature materials like paints, paint brushes, palettes, pencils, clay, modelling tools, charcoal, erasers as well as different surfaces to paint on like drawing pads and canvases. Boxes are broken down by age group (6-11 & 12+) and an adult coloring book option is also available.

~Young Authors’ Treasure Box: $40/Bi-monthly. Each box will follow a theme, genre or author to expose young authors and writers to a variety of works. Each treasure box contains age and grade appropriate reading and writing adventure material and contains 4-7 reading books (paperback or hardcover), pens, pencils, bookmarks, DIY blank writing books, designer paper, pencil grips, and reading and writing guides.

~Kid’s Candor: $45/month. Kids’ Candor is the first bilingual (English/Spanish) program made for parents and caregivers that provides ready-to-use tools and guidance to educate and promote human interaction through games and activities for kids from birth until preschool. Each month you and your child will receive a bilingual (English/Spanish) kit with games, original music, materials, toys and easy-to-use guide cards to optimize the time you spend together. In addition, Kids’ Candor members will have access to download materials and music available in their store.

~My Pretend Place: $50/quarter. My Pretend Place offers a quarterly Dress Up Play subscription box for children aged 3-6. Each box includes dress-up costumes, activities or crafts, and other pretend play inspiration.

~Montessori by Mom: $55.95/month. Montessori by Mom is a monthly curriculum for preschool ages children from 3-5 years of age. Each box includes 6 to 8 Montessori inspired activities developed by an expert Montessori teacher and high quality materials and an instructional video for each activity.

~Cooper & Kid: $65/quarter. Each Cooper Kit contains multiple curated products and activities designed to enrich your quality time with your children. The Cooper Kit incorporates elements of hands-on learning, building projects, and self-expression and is designed to give dads ways to interact with their children.

~Little Pnuts: $75/quarter. Each quarter your child will receive a new Special Delivery filled with 3-5 beautiful toys that are curated specifically to meet your Little Pnuts developmental milestones. No matter their age, from birth until 5 years old, Little Pnuts has toys that will suit each phase of development from infant to toddler through preschool age.

~Hoppi Box: $75/quarter. Hoppi Box is dedicated to helping parents nurture their baby’s early development by providing a quarterly subscription of toys that are tailored to your baby’s age and developmental stage. Boxes are designed for children aged 0-3 years and contain 3-5 full sized, high quality toys that encourage learning and at least 1 book.

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