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*Beverages (Coffee, Tea, etc.) * Boxes

~BrewOne: $7.27 / $14.54 / $34.90/month: BrewOne delivers premium and artisan teas, coffees to your door each month. Mini ($7.27/month): Includes around two carefully selected premium blends, hand selected from the finest producers and brands. Plus, they’ll send you a mini snack and information cards. Club ($14.54/month): You’ll receive 2-4 carefully selected premium blends, hand selected from the finest producers and brands. Plus, they’ll send you snacks, goodies and information cards. Premium ($34.90/month): You’ll receuve four carefully selected premium blends, hand selected from the finest producers and brands. Plus, they’ll send you snacks, accessories and information cards.

~Angels’ Cup: $7.99/month. Angels’ Cup is a fun new way to experience coffee. Each month (or week if you so choose) you will receive a tasting flight with four different samples of coffee. You can then head over to their App where you can add tasting notes about your samples and compare them with others.

~Pique Tea: $9.68 – $17.38 – $30.89/month. The Pique Tea subscription service delivers their unique tea crystals directly to your door each month. You can opt for one box ($9.68), two boxes ($17.38) or 4 boxes ($30.89).

~Teabox: $9.99 – $19.99 – $39.99/month. Teabox is a monthly tea subscription box. You can opt from the Tea Starter Plan ($9.99/month): 12-15 cups, Tea Lover Plan ($19.99/month): 30-40 cups and the Tea Enthusiast Plan ($39.99/month): 120-150 cups.

~Plum Deluxe: $10 – $18/month.: The Plum Deluxe Organic Tea Club of the month sends up a high quality, loose leaf teas on a monthly basis. Depending on your plan, each shipment contains approximately 1-2 oz of tea as well as sprinkles of gratitude and affection for being a Plum Deluxe customer. Billed Quarterly.

~Blue Bottle Coffee: $11 – $34/week. Blue Bottle Coffee offers subscriptions featuring their finest, most delicious and responsibly sourced beans. You can select the size of the bag (Half Bag, Standard Bag or Double Bag) and the type of bean you like (Origin, Blend, Espresso or Decaf Noir) and they will be delivered to your door for the length of time of your choosing.

~Enderly Coffee: $11/month. Enderly Coffee Company is a local-artisan coffee roaster out of Charlotte, NC. Each month you will receive 1 jar per month of amazing beans. Subscriptions must be purchased for a minimum of 6-months.

~Driftaway Coffee: $12 – $16/month. Driftaway Coffee delivers freshly roasted coffee, personalized for your taste, right to your door. Every two weeks (weekly and monthly plans are also available) you’ll receive freshly roasted whole bean coffee based on your selected preferences. Your first shipment will consist of a “Rise & Grind tasting kit” which is designed to allow Driftaway to select coffee that best suits your tastes.

~Dollar Tea Club: $12/month. Dollar Tea Club is a unique tea subscription that allows members to build their own box. Members receive their personal order every month, and can change the contents of their box. Like surprises? Add “mystery” into your box for different teas every month.

~Handmade Tea: $12.95 – $19.95/month. A brand-new, handcrafted blend is delivered to you every month! Blends start with a phenomenal base tea which gets complimented by unique, all-natural herbs, fruits, vegetables, spices and more.

~Devoted USA Tea of the Month: $13/month. The Devotea USA tea of the month program is the easy way to get regular delivery of their fantastic teas. Each month you will receive 3 loose leaf teas – enough to make at least 21 cups of tea, not including resteeps. 3-Month Minimum.

~Tea Tour: $14/month. The Tea Tour is a monthly tea subscription service from Sullivan Street Tea & Spice Company in New York City. Choose from 3 tea type preferences (Tea Purist, Flavor In The Mix or The Herbalist) and receive 3 mystery teas each month, enough tea for 30-35 cups of pure sipping pleasure.

~Rosali Tea: $14.95/month. Rosali Tea is a monthly subscription of artisanal teas from around the world, curated for your needs and delivered to your door. Three subscription options are available depending on how much tea you wish to receive each month ranging from 1oz. to 3oz.

~Heartwood Coffee Club: $15-$16/semi-weekly. Heartwood Coffee Club delivers one 12oz bag of freshly roasted Heartwood Roastery coffee delivered to your doorstep every two weeks. Double subscription are also available.

~Misto Box: $15/month. MistoBox delivers hand-selected coffees from 4 unique artisan coffee roasters across the country. Each delivery includes coffee tasting notes and roaster bios.

~Hardy Coffee Club: $16 – $32/month. Hardy Coffee Club delivers excellent, approachable coffee right to your door. You can opt to receive one 12oz bag for $16/month or two bags for $32/month.

~Cozy Crate: $16.99 – $29.99/month. Cozy Crate is a monthly subscription box from Cozy Leaf that will change your view of anticipation and excitement as you wait for the arrival of your mailman who will come once a month to bring you a box full of amazing handpicked items from artisans around the world. You can opt for the Tea Crate ($16.99/month) subscription box which includes 2 or 4 teas per month or the Cozy Crate ($29.99/month) which features 2-3 artisan items from small independent business around the United States plus one Cozy Leaf tea.

~The Moustache Coffee Club: $17.49/week. The Moustache Coffee Club is a coffee curation club. They find amazing freshly roasted, single origin coffee beans every week and ship them to our members.

~Timely Tea: $17.69/month. Timely Tea is a fitnessed based loose leaf tea subscription aimed to improve metabolism and health! Each box comes with 30 grams of tea, an infuser with your first box, and other tea goodies to spice up your typical tea experience.

~Atlas Coffee Club: $17.95/month. Atlas Coffee Club allows you to try coffees from around the world. Each month you’ll receive exotic coffee from a new country, a postcard with coffee facts about the country, and brewing recommendations tailored to each batch. Travel the world – one cup at a time.

~Amoda Tea: $18/month. Each month you’ll receive a delivery of artisan teas from around the world. You will receive 3 different teas, approx. 20g of each, or enough to steep 10 six-ounce cups of each one. You will also get a steeping guide, tasting notes and stories that make each tea and its blender special.

~Stylish Ave: $18.75/month. Stylish Ave is a monthly subscription & one stop shop that let customers customize a variety of organic loose leaf teas.

~Craft of Tea: $19.95/month. Craft of Tea sends you a monthly assortment of artfully blended, all natural teas every month. You can select the teas you wish to receive or you can have Craft of Tea select for you.

~Dripjoy: From $19.99/month (billed bi-monthly). Dripjoy is a subscription service designed to perfect the single serve coffee experience. They offer seven flavors including Morning Joy, Colombian Cheer, Dark Bean Daydream, Vanilla Jubilee, Happy Hazelnut, French Elation, and Delightful Decaf and subscribers can customize the quantity they wish.

~Kaffe Box No.:~$20/month. Kaffee Box is a coffee subscription service that focuses on the best coffee from Scandinavia’s top micro-roasteries.

~Pony Brand Coffee: $20/month. Pony Brand Coffee delivers fresh roasted coffee right to your door. You can opt for bi-weekly or monthly deliveries and can select whole bean, course ground, medium grind or fine grind varieties. Your first box will begin with a 4×4 Coffee Sampler so you can sample and become familiar with their coffee and find the one that is the best fit for you.

~Bean Box: $20/month. Bean Box is a monthly coffee subscription box service. Each month you will receive 4 different coffee bean roasts from Seattle’s top-rated roasters. Bags are 1.7 oz. each which is approximately 15+ cups of coffee.

~Tea Sparrow: $20/month. Upon subscribing, you’ll begin receiving your monthly Tea Box which 4 carefully selected teas (equal to about 25 cups of tea) from around the world.

~Hot Coffee Club: $20/month. Hot Coffee Club delivers 3 bags of 120g of coffee per month right to your door. Subscriptions begin with a tasting box that includes four 50g baggies – one for each of their coffees to help you determine your favorite(s).

~Regular Coffee: $20/month. With your subscription to Regular Coffee you will receive a tube of delicious, fresh-roasted whole-bean coffee (1.5 lbs.) every month delivered right to your door. Regular Coffee is currently sourced from the Huehuetenango region in Guatemala.

~Nomad Coffee Club: $22/month. Nomad Coffee allows you to discover new varieties and origins of freshly roasted coffee from the comfort of your home. Each monthly shipment includes 8 oz of freshly roasted coffee.

~Bean Genius: $22/month. BeanGenius is a monthly coffee subscription service. They will deliver one 12 oz. bag of freshly roasted coffee, based on your taste preferences, once or twice a month.

~Tea Time Box: $23/month. Tea Time Box delivers a variety of specialty curated teas from all around the world to your door. Each box contains three varieties of specialty selected teas (about 2 ounces), local honey and a yummy treat to go with it.

Loose Tea Addict: $23.80/month. Loose Tea Addict is a monthly tea subscription service. Each month you will receive 2 different packages of premium Loose tea. One package of tea contains 2 oz loose tea. This will be enough to make 20-40 cups of tea depending on how strong you like your cup of tea. Every box will also include a couple of “tea inspired goodies” (steeper, honey, etc).

~Starbucks Reserve Roastery: $24/month. Starbucks Reserve label coffees are one of a kind, small-lot coffees. Every month you will receive one bag of freshly-roasted coffee delivered to you within days of being roasted in Seattle.

~Simple Loose Leaf: $24.95/month. Simple Loose Leaf offers unique and exciting types of tea each month. With their Selection Club you will receive 2oz-4oz of traditional green tea, traditional black, white tea, oolong / purer and flavored tea delivered to your doorstep.

~Energy Supply Co.: $24.98/month. Energy Supply Co. is the world’s first energy drink subscription box. Each month you will receive 6 hand-picked drinks delivered right to your door.

~Craft Coffee: $24.99/month. Craft Coffee pioneered a new kind of coffee-of-the-month subscription. Each month, the Tasting Box allow you to sample three different super premium coffees from roasters around the country.

~Just Add Honey Tea Box: $26.50/month. With Just Add Honey Tea Box you will receive three 1oz bags of loose leaf tea, honey from a small batch beekeeper in the US, and treat delivered to your door each month!

~The Roaster’s Pack: $28/month. Each month subscribers will receive three 4oz. pouches of coffee (either ground or whole bean) from three different roasters, along with monthly guide including tasting notes, editors notes and independent roaster bios.

~MashBox Club: $28/month. MashBox Club allows you to discover rare, small batch spirits from artisanal distillers around the world. Each box includes 3 samples of curated spirits – whiskey, gin, vodka, tequila, vodka or liqueurs. These bottles are made by small, artisanal distillers in small batches, with a focus on quality and ingredients. Each sample is 50ml – that’s good enough for you and a friend to taste and enjoy.

~Coffee Crate: $29/month. Coffee Crate sends monthly shipments of North Carolina coffee. Every month you will receive three 4-oz. bags of whole bean, North Carolina-roasted coffee, a treat from a local business, some awesome North Carolina vinyl swag, and a detailed description of each roast.

~Caritas Coffee: $29.30/month. Caritas Coffee is founded on the fusion of two passions: coffee and people. All of their coffee is sourced from responsible roasters who pay fair prices to coffee farmers and treat them with dignity. With their subscription plan you will receive two 12oz. bags of coffee delivered right to your door each month. A bi-weekly option and a 4-bag per month option is also available.

~Higher Tea: $29.95/month. Higher Tea is a monthly tea subscription service. Each month you will receive a 4 oz pouch of your favorite chosen tea (at least 40 cups), delivered to your door. Boxes will also include two 1 oz samples of new teas and a tea related surprise gift.

~Premium Cup Club: $30 – $60/month. Premium Cup Club delivers the highest quality 100% Arabica coffee offered in a K-Cup straight to your home or office. You can opt for a standard box 36 cups box ($30/month) or a 100 cup box ($60/month). You can opt for a single type of K-Cups or a variety.

~Bean Portal: $30/month. Bean Portal is a monthly coffee subscription box based in Sweden. Each box will include three different coffees from a new coffee roaster every month. With a total of 300 grams of coffee in the box, you will get to try 100 grams of each coffee.

~Noje: $30 – $33 – $35 – $55/month. Nöje features pairings of craft coffee, chocolate, tea, honey, and other accouterments. The companies they work with ethically source their ingredients and are dedicated to social responsibility. The full sized pairing box ($55/month) contains one full sized bag of coffee, four bean-to-bar chocolate bars, one container of tea, and one other product such as honey. Nöje offers different sized boxes with a variety of product combinations, as well as a marketplace where you can order any products they have in stock.

~Tea Box Express: $31.49/month. Tea Box Express is a monthly box of tea and accessories. Each box contains quality brand-name loose leaf tea and three or four fun “tea-things” to enjoy with your tea.

~Citizen Bean: $32.61/month. Citizen Bean ships one pound of whole bean coffee, food samples, herbs, coffee and other monthly delights directly to your door. Selected are not only award winning and just-roasted, but they are also ” with a conscious”. (3 Month Minimum)

~Match Made Coffee: $34.95/month. Match Made Coffee introduces you each month to a new artisanal coffee roaster from around the world. With the help of the featured roaster and expert staff, they curate a package for you containing their top 3 roasts. Each of the selected coffee roasts are then methodically matched with a unique treat to help create the perfect flavor palette. As a welcoming gift, new subscribers will receive their first shipment in a beautifully crafted wooden chest that can be used for future storage of your coffee pairings.

~Joe’s Brew Club: $34.99/month. Joe’s Brew Club is a monthly coffee, chocolate and biscotti subscription service. Each delivery will contain one 12oz bag of coffee, 4 biscotti dippers, and a selection of chocolates.

~The Coffee Dispatch: $35 – $60 – $100/month. The Coffee Dispatch sends monthly deliveries from Kansas City’s artisan coffee roasters. You can select between the 19.75 oz. Coffee Box ($35/month) which includes six roaster’s-choice bags, the 36 oz. Coffee Box ($60/month) which includes three 12-16 oz whole bean packages or the 76 oz. Coffee Box ($100/month) which includes six 12-16 oz roaster’s-choice whole bean packages.

~BrewPublik: $35 – $60 – $90/month. BrewPublik expands the beer palates of adventurous drinkers by customizing a specific craft beer experience and delivering that experience right to your door. You can opt for The Mini (12 bottles for $35/month) which includes 12 bottles or the Standard (24 bottles for $60/month) which sends four different beers selected from over 600 high-quality craft beers. Also available is the Premium, which is $90/month and sends you 24 bottles of four different beers selected from 100 limited release craft beers and imports.

~Bizzy Coffee: $36.09/month. BIZZY Coffee delivers organic cold brewed coffee to your door. 1 bottle of BIZZY Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate makes 6 cups. Each box ordered contains 4 bottles of BIZZY making 24 cups total.

~Alakaban Tea: $37.99CAD – $47.99CAD – $57.99CAD/month.  Alakaban is an online tea subscription service delivering tea from Sri Lanka to your door. They offer three different subscription levels which include teas and nicely paired spices that will blend well with the chosen Tea. Last but not least, every month they will be including bonus items to make your tea experience delightful.

~Craft Beer Club: $39/month. The Craft Beer Club discovers exceptional craft brews from around the country and delivers them (12 bottles in total per month) each month direct-to-you or your gift recipient. Every selection is produced by small-production, independent brewers who use only traditional brewing ingredients and time-honored brewing methods.

~Craft Soda Club: $39.99/month. Craft Soda Club delivers the best craft sodas to your doorstep each month. Each month you will receive 3 bottles of 4 different craft styles for a total of 12 bottles per month.

~Flaviar: $40.99/month. Flaviar is a curated and membership based service which helps you experience the best spirits from all over the world at a fraction of the regular price, helping to promote a better way of enjoying drinks. Every month Flaviar members receive a hand-picked sample gift pack of five premium flavours (Whisky, Rum, Cognac, Gin, Vodka, Grappa, Tequila, etc.) selected by their expert panel and industry professionals. You can also opt for a quarterly subscription for $48.99/quarter.

~VINEBOX: $41/month. VINEBOX is a wine by the glass club. Discover 3 exceptional wines every month, by the glass!

~Noble Brewer: $44/month. Noble Brewer is the world’s most unique beer club. Members receive beer inspired by award winning amateur brewers and learn their story and inspiration.

~Club W: $45/month. Club W is a monthly wine subscription box. A Club W monthly Experience starts at 3 bottles a month for $39 + $6 flat rate shipping. Club W covers shipping on orders of 4 or more bottles!

~Wine Awesomeness: $45/month. Wine Awesomeness is your humble guide for buying, discovering and learning about wine. They are a modern, souped-up version of a wine club, taking WA Members on a themed, wine-fueled adventure each month (i.e., the Monthly Journey). Your expertly-curated wine (3 bottles) shows up at your door paired with their mini-magazine thebacklabel: a booklet containing awesome content, recipes, perfect playlists and articles to help you learn all about the vino you’re about to fall in love with. Also available is a 6 bottle plan for $75/month.

~SaloonBox: $50.49/month. SaloonBox delivers all the ingredients you need to make two unique craft cocktails at home. Each cocktail recipe serves two. Each month they feature two mixologists and their recipes with step-by-step instructions so you can mix like a pro.

~Shaker & Spoon: $55/month. Shaker & Spoon is a cocktail subscription box delivering original recipes and everything you need to make them. Every month you’ll get 3 recipes for 12 drinks (4 from each recipe) and everything you need to make them—syrups, bitters, garnishes, citrus—besides your liquor of choice.

~Bitters + Bottles: $95/month. Bitters + Bottles is a monthly subscription designed to build you a complete home bar. Each delivery builds on the previous shipments to create the complete home bar. All bottles are full sized, no mini bar here. Each month you will receive deliveries with 3-6 bottled ingredients, 5 classic cocktails recipes, complete with their history, and instructions, along with a few pro tips and tricks to make it your own.

~Starbucks: Varies Based on Selection. With Starbucks subscription service you can receive fresh, premium coffee and tea straight to your door as often as you’d like. You can opt for Starbucks® coffees including Starbucks whole bean coffee, Verismo™ pods, Starbucks® K-Cup® Packs, Tazo® teas, Starbucks VIA® Ready Brew and Starbucks® syrups.

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