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*Beauty / Cosmetic / Makeup* Boxes

~Target Beauty Box: $5/$7/$10/month. Target Beauty Box is a non-subscription box from Target. Boxes contain a selection of skincare, cosmetic and hair products and are released in a monthly basis, usually the first Monday of the month.

~Walmart Beauty Box: $5/quarter. Each beauty pack is based on your personal style profile and contains 3-4 full-size top-quality items that are curated by professional makeup artists and stylists.

~Birchbox: $15/month. With Birchbox, you will receive 4-6 hand-picked beauty and lifestyle samples, delivered to your door each month. You can review the samples you receive on a monthly basis to earn points in their shop.

~ipsy: $12/$25/$50/month. Each month, subscribers will receive a beautiful Glam Bag with deluxe samples and full-sized beauty products. Members can watch and play along with the stylists with the same products that they are using.  You can opt for the Glam Bag: $12/month (5 deluxe samples), the Glam Bag Plus: $25/month (5+ full-size items) or the Glam Bag Ultimate: $50/month (12 beauty products).

~Lip Monthly: $12.95/month. Lip Monthly sends you a curated package of 4 full-sized lip glosses, lipsticks, lip balms and / or lip stains. They aim to help you discover all the best products on the market.

~Allure Beauty Box: $15/month. The Allure Beauty Box includes five or more deluxe sized beauty products every month. Boxes are curated by the editors of Allure magazine and also include a special-edition “mini magazine” chock full of the most trusted product reviews you’ve come to expect from Allure.

~Adore Box: $15/month. With the Adore Box monthly beauty & lifestyle box subscription, you will receive a box of 4-10 carefully hand selected items. These items may include: Makeup, Hair Care, Skin Care, Jewelry, Edibles (We are talking chocolate here…), Accessories, and/or Housewares. These items may be sample, full size or a combination of both.

~Beauty Joy: $15/month. Beauty Joy is a monthly subscription service which delivers hand-curated jewelry, one full-sized beauty item and 2-3 deluxe beauty samples every month.

~Macy’s Beauty Box: $15/month. Inside each month’s box, you will find a $5 beauty coupon, five deluxe beauty samples plus a bonus item and a collectible cosmetics bag, all curated for that month’s theme. You will also get access to monthly online videos with pro tips for applying your new Beauty Box products. 

~The H2Bar Box: $20.48/month. The How to be a Redhead (H2BAR) Box is a monthly subscription box for redheads. The company’s goal is to empower every redhead to feel confident, look amazing and rock their beauty. The How to be a Redhead team now works meticulously to find products that meet the ‘Redhead Friendly’ seal of approval and is proud to deliver them to the doorstep of every redhead each month. The products range from samples to full sizes.

~Piibu Box: $20/month. Piibu Box is a subscription box for Korean face masks.  You will receive 8-10 korean skincare face masks in each box. The masks range from sheet masks, wash off masks, hand masks, feet masks, and eye masks.

~MorpheMe: $19.99/month. Morphe Me is a monthly makeup brush subscription from LiveGlam. Each month subscribers will receive 3-8 new Morphe brushes.  Some months include more expensive brushes so there will be fewer of them.  Other months include less expensive brushes so there will be more of them.  But you will always get $30+ in Morphe brushes every month.

~KissMe: $19.99/month. Kiss Me is a liquid lipstick subscription club from LiveGlam. Each month, you will receive an exclusive collection of their KissMe liquid lipsticks.  Every monthly package contains three unique colors and you will never get the same color twice!  Their formula is both cruelty-free and vegan! More specifically, it’s paraben-free, gluten-free, non-comedogenic and phthalate-free, and they use a globally-compliant formula!

~ShadowMe: $19.99/month. ShadowMe is an eyeshadow subscription club from LiveGlam! You’ll get a new eyeshadow palette every other month, packed with 9-10 pigmented new colors, in their amazing, custom formula. Go from day to night and everything in between with new matte, sparkly, bold, and neutral eyeshadows! Brush up on our tutorials and get a dose of inspo with your palettes, as well!

~COCOTIQUE: $25/month. COCOTIQUE is a deluxe box subscription service for women of color and diverse ethnicities. Each month COCOTIQUE sends a specially curated box filled with 5-8 deluxe sample size and full size beauty and lifestyle products.

~So Susan Color Curate: $20.95/month. Color Curate is a monthly subscription box from So Susan Cosmetics. Each box contains 4 So Susan products.  Each package includes a Vegan, Cruelty-Free Makeup Palette.

~GLOSSYBOX: $21/month. Each month you’ll receive a curated box of 5 luxury deluxe-sized beauty products for you to lather, blend, soak, spray, buff, and groom. Indulge and experience luxury at its finest.

~BOXYCHARM: $21/month. BOXYCHARM is an online beauty subscription that surprises you each month with name-brand beauty essentials. Each month, you will receive a beautifully crafted box with 5-6 full-size beauty items.

~Lookfantastic Beauty Box: $19/month. Lookfantastic is a UK based beauty subscription box. Each month you will receive a minimum of six hand-picked must have beauty fixes. You can expect to receive an assortment of skin, hair, cosmetic and body products, catering to every kind of beauty lover.

~Happy Dot Box: $24/month. Happy Dot Box is a lifestyle brand that delivers happiness to your doorstep monthly. Every month is themed with four to five luxury deluxe sample sized beauty products.

~BeautyFIX: $24.95/month. BeautyFIX is a monthly subscription box that features over $100 worth of beauty products, hand-selected by an elite team of beauty pros. BeautyFix is a Dermstore product.

~Beauteque: $27.95/month. The Beauteque Beauty Box delivers 6 full-sized cosmetics including skincare, makeup, body/hair care, beauty tools, and more. They also offer Mask Maven ($18.95/month), which delivers 9 masks ranging from sheet masks to sleeping packs and everything in between. Find your new faves today!  

~PinkSeoul: $29.95 – $39.95 – $49.95/bi-monthly. PinkSeoul subscription box service gives you access to thoughtfully selected and curated K-Beauty products

~LoveLula Beauty Box: $30/month. LoveLula Beauty Box offers you the option to try the best in natural and organic beauty products delivered directly from the U.K. Products in the boxes contain no SLS’s, no Parabens, no EDTA’s and definitely no animal testing and is a great way to test and sample new and exciting products.

~The Lipstick Crate: $33-$40/month. The Lipstick Crate is a subscription-based lip beauty program. Depending on the subscription level selected, you will receive a crate filled with 4-6 products every month. Their service provides full sized products that are a mix of luxury, commonly known brands, and niche brands.

~Chicky Quicky Box: $35/month. The Chicky Quicky Box is a monthly beauty and fashion subscription box. Each month you will receive a combination of six items from brands you already know and love, as well as, new and upcoming brands. Also offered is the “Lil’ Miss Chicky” box. This box is $25/month and is designed for girls ages 5-10 and contains a combination of 4 fashion and fun items.

~Joli Visage Beauty Secrets Club: $35.95/month. Six times a year, subscribers will receive the “Award Winning” Joli Visage Skincare Beauty Box which includes $110.00 in products in every box. The items included are typically a mix of deluxe, travel and full size products.

~BOOM!Box: $36.25/bi-monthly. BOOM!Box delivers nerd makeup, manicures and MOAR to your door every month. There will be one BRAND NEW “Nailed It!” nail wrap design in each BOOM!box. Beyond that, everything else is a magical mystery! Scarves, beanies, makeup, jewelry, games, books, who knows!

~Beauty Heroes: $39/month. Beauty Heroes delivers one expert selected “Hero Product” to you at an exclusive value – a price not found anywhere else. Products included retail for $50 to $100 and are free from “Villian” (i.e. dangerous) ingredients.

~NewBeauty TestTube: $39.90/Bi-monthly. TestTube is a one-of-a-kind sampling program created by NewBeauty magazine that allows you to try a variety of the best beauty products before you invest in them. Every three months, you’ll receive a sleek box filled with deluxe and full-size samples of coveted, high-performance luxury products.

~Wantable.co: $40/month. Each beauty pack is based on your personal style profile and contains 4-5 full-size top-quality items that are curated by professional makeup artists and stylists.

~ToGoSpa: $40/month. Each month you will receive 15 pair of Eyes by ToGoSpa along with “The Benefit”. The Benefit is a surprise full-size item which may be a product from ToGoSpa’s line or from another brand they love. The product will be valued between $20-$50 and will be a spa-quality item.

~Aromatic Blackbox: $40.50/quarter. Aromatic Blackbox include 5-7 deluxe size products, with one full size item of choice of gender-neutral perfumes, plant-based skincare & bath rituals. Each edition is curated with themes that inspire fragrance, color and mood. Subscribers can opt for the Fragrance or Bath / Body box depending on their preference.

~Jouer Le Matchbox: $45/quarter. Le Matchbox is a curated beauty box from Jouer. Each box is curated based on quiz responses, providing you with an assortment of full size Jouer essentials most flattering for your coloring and suitable for your skin type. Boxes are also accompanied by a mini magazine providing product details and application tips.

~Beckman Beauty Box: $50/quarter. With the Beekman 1802 beauty box, you’ll receive a surprise box of our newest and bestselling soaps and skin care products every 3 months.

~LuckySquare: $54.99/quarter. LuckySquare is a subscription box which allows women of color a new way to discover beauty products. Every 3 months, LuckySquare will surprise you with a box filled with 5-6 luxury full size beauty products right to your door.

~OROGOLD Box: $48/quarter. OROGOLD Box is a skincare subscription service that delivers one box containing 3 travel-sized products directly to your door every 3 months. (Payable Annually)

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  1. Katie

    have you ever received a sample society box?? thinking of getting one but wanted to hear your opinion on it, i always seem to agree with all your reviews on other stuff!

  2. Kelsi Simpson

    There is a new code for glossy box… “Fun” gets you a free zoya polish!

  3. Kristin Lockwood

    @Katie – I used to get Sample Society! I really liked it! I just had to chill out on my subscription box addiction, so I canceled all the ones that were for me and kept only the kids boxes. 😉

  4. Erin

    I’ve never received any boxes, but I’d like to start! Which box would say is/was your favorite?! (I’d like to subscribe to one for me – 20 something female – and one for my 2 pups.)

    1. Rachel

      My favorite is PopDewy since I get 4 full size name brand beauty products with a piece of gold plated jewelry. I like that it combines jewelry and beauty. Plus I can’t go to a jewelry store and get real gold plated jewelry for under $200. It’s a every other month subscription for $29.00.

  5. looks like boxycharm.com’s website has launched. someone commented on my instagram about them and I went to their site to check it out, just wanted to let you know 🙂

    1. Jennifer


  6. Chelsea

    I don’t know if this is something you are interested in doing…but maybe mark which boxes don’t deliver to AK and HI…Glossybox does not deliver to either. Just a thought.

    PS: Love your site

    1. Jennifer

      It’s totally on my To Do List!

      And thank you!

  7. Sarah


    This one is from Australia. You have to purchase a VIP membership to get the boxes down to an affordable price.It is $25 Aus, but then their boxes are $19.95/month and all your shipping from boxes to purchases from their store are free to ship. Plus you get members only prices and discounts!

    1. Jennifer


    2. Lisa

      I do not recommend Mirenesse’s club. You are charged monthly but you only get a box every other month. Their products are amazing but you might be disappointed if you are expecting monthly boxes. Also, I think I was charged $26 per months…not $19. Maybe they are tacking on shipping..not sure.

  8. Sarah


    This was just released today – Top Box Limited Edition – $40

    You need to check this out!!

    1. Jennifer

      Oh goodness, that looks amazing! Do they ship to the US?

  9. sarah

    Yes, they do ship to the States. They have a regular monthly box for $12 as well…so definitely worth checking out.

    1. Jennifer

      This is going to be hard to pass up!

  10. Cheyenne

    I just placed 2 orders from 2 boxes not listed here. Julep is offering their box free you just have to pay for shipping (2.99) and fab,fit,fun-VIP that does quarterly boxes (45) do you have either of these reviewed or am I just missing it? LOVE LOVE LOVE your reviews

    1. Jennifer

      Yep I get both of those! Julep is listed under “nail” and fabfitfun is under “lifestyle”! If you click on the “reviews” tab you can see everything I’ve ever done a review on.

  11. Shirrel

    The link for My Brown box doesn’t appear to work 🙁

    1. Jennifer

      Thank you! I will get that updated!

  12. Shirrel

    I don’t think the Our Shade of Brown pillow box is still active. None of the links on their website go anywhere.

    1. Jennifer

      Thank you! I will get it updated!

  13. Kirsten Saetes

    This company has little to no customer service. Some people receive boxes some don’t, after three months of being charged and receiving no customer service response plus not receiving any of my boxes I canceled. I now have to dispute charges with my bank as they do not have a contact number and they do not respond to customer service emails. The pictures I have seen looks as if they get their products from the dollar store.
    Buyer beware! Review their FB page and you will see that this is a major issue for many who subscribe.

    1. Kirsten Saetes

      LUNA for YOU is the company

  14. Lois

    Where are the links to Spoilers?

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    Spot on with this write-up, I seriously believe this amazing site needs much more attention. I’ll probably be returning to
    read more, thanks for the info!

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  17. Leni

    i’m obsessed with The 3B Box. It’s only $12 with free shipping and i’ve found amaaaaazing skincare products through it.

  18. Catherine Thrift

    Which beauty box allows you to get makeup and skincare samples that meet your own needs? I don’t want to get a bunch of samples that aren’t the right makeup shade for me nor skin care the doesn’t come close to what I’m looking for. Is there one or more that ask about your skin, hair and eye color, which means you will get makeup that, even if you don’t like it for whatever reason, at least it will be closer to your own foundation/concealer needs. Also one that ask about your skin type and any special skin care needs that one may have? I’m not interested in a company beauty box that is selling a one box fits all. Been there, done that and ended up giving most things away or just throwing stuff out. Not looking for to throw my money away. Thanks for whatever guidance you can provide.

  19. Laurel

    I cannot remember where I heard about Beauty Pie, but you should put it on your list. I started a subscription in December, and I have absolutely loved it. I have tried three of their foundations, and they are all great. I have tried a bunch of their lipsticks and glosses, and those are great, too. I was skeptical at first, because I didn’t believe they could have very good products for the prices, but I was so, so wrong. The products are really top quality and are comparable to high end department store brands and high end Sephora brands.

    1. Rachel

      I have heard of beauty pie. I have used a few like boxycharm and ipsy and I do like them but I have too many eyeshadow palettes. I have found I like PopDewy the best since you get the neat brands but also the 18k gold plated jewelry. That way I only have the one subscription now. It’s every other month and it’s $29.00.

  20. Erika Green

    I don’t know who delivers the best! need opinions If anyone here to give suggestions according to their experiences.

  21. Alex

    Relevant information!

  22. Shay

    I never heard of more than half these boxes, where is a facetreasures Box, rock box, glossy box, Ipsy, I see a bunch of closed down no name type boxes or boxes that are just no good at all!

    Is this an old blog?

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