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*Baby / Mom* Boxes

~Walmart Baby Box: $5/month. Walmart Baby Boxes deliver free (you just pay shipping) stage-relevant product samples of items sold at your local Walmartto ease transitions all the way to your baby’s first steps and let you focus on their development. “Stages” begin with the 2nd Trimester and go through the Toddler years.

~Babbling With Babies: $10-$15/month. Babbling With Babies is a subscription based series focusing on strategies for parents to facilitate their baby’s early speech and language skills. Each month, a packet arrives with information about a specific facilitative strategy for the parent to learn about and practice with their baby (ages 0-2).

~Monthly Maternity Club: $10 + Cost of Items Kept. Monthly Maternity Club is a monthly maternity clothing subscription service. Each month they will send you a box with several styles of clothing that match your preferences. You keep the items you like and send back the ones you don’t. You will be charged with only the items you keep and shipping is covered by a flat $10 monthly fee.

~Grace Box: $10.99/month. Grace Box is a monthly subscription service which sends you hair bows and headbands for your your precious little girl. Each month you will receive 3-4 items delivered right to your door.

~Mommy’s ToolBox: $15/month. Mommy’s ToolBox is a monthly subscription from pregnancy through 12 months of core essential item(s). Each box includes 6-8 samples tailored to meet your little one’s current stage of development.

~Fresh BiB: $16/month. Fresh BiB will send you an absolutely fantabulous reversible bib, in a surprise print, every month. Bibs are adjustable and generally fit 3-months to 2T.

~Cricket Crate: $19.95/month. Cricket Crate (which is part of the Kiwi Crate family) will help lay the foundation for lifelong learning.  Boxes are delivered monthly and is designed for children 0-36 months with a focus on ages ages 0-2 years.

~Cotton Booty: $24.99 – $29.99/month. Each month you will receive one name brand cloth diaper. If the value is less than the cost of the box you will also receive sample(s) and/or a fun item. Also available is the *Same Old* Cotton Booty Box ($29.99/month) which includes (1) name brand diaper and one (1) or more accessory, toy, or fun item(s). Samples also may (or may not) be included.

~Highlights Let’s Grow: $28.90/month. Highlights Let’s Grow™ brings you monthly shipments of books and exclusive surprises for children aged 0-2. Each month you will receive 2 board books, an exclusively created surprise every month, simple activities for parents and babies to share together and parent guides with insights and suggestions for each bundle’s theme.

~Mama’s Milk Box: $29/month. Mama’s Milk Box is a nursing apparel subscription service for Moms who want to look good, feel good and breastfeed their babies.

~MommiesFirst: $30/month. Every month you will get a box of 4 – 5 products recommended and reviewed by their MommiesFirst Council. The products are tailored to the stage of your pregnancy or the age of your baby (up to his or her first year).

~Mommy MailBox: $33.95/month. Mommy MailBox subscription boxes are carefully curated to make all mom’s lives better, easier and sweeter. Products typically retail between $55-$75 and each box contains 4-6 surprise gifts that change each month.

~Pampered Mommy Box: $33.98/month. The ultimate monthly box built specifically for mommies. Each box will include a 5-7 full size luxurious items such as bath and beauty products, accessories, and other fun essentials that are perfect for mommies. Items could range from face and body lotions, hair products, nail polish, makeup, a headband, a scarf or a tumbler – and so much more!

~bluum: $34/month. bluum is a monthly subscription for babies and children up to 5 years of age. Each box contains a selection pf five or more hand-picked essential products for you and your baby / toddler / preschooler and is customized based on child’s age, gender and developmental stage.

~HOOT for Kids: $34.99/month. HOOT for Kids is a monthly treasure box which includes 3 or more toys for your little one. Monthly treasure boxes will be based upon your child’s age (Newborn to Age 6) and developmental stage.

~Sloomb – The Unicorn Club: $35/month. The Unicorn Club is a monthly cloth diaper subscription service. Each month you’ll receive a specially branded sustainablebabyish UNICORN item made for members only. This include new colors, fabrics, even non-diaper related stuff like totes & cubes. Payable Quarterly.

~16 Minute Club: $35/month. The 16 Minute Club is the one-and-only home-delivery lactation support program focused on helping new nursing mothers meet their breastfeeding goals. Boxes are shipped every six weeks and contain personalized breastfeeding tips and products related to your baby’s developmental stage.

~Bundles of Joy: $36 – $70/month. Bundles of Joy is a company dedicated to providing parents and care givers a helping hand by creating personalized bundles to be shipped to the family’s home. Boxes will include goodies such as clothes, toys, shoes, and books, as well as items for the grown-ups! Also available is the “Big Bundle” ($70/month) which includes double the amount of items.

~Supplet: $39.99/month. Supplet delivers a monthly box filled with things to help you nourish, learn about, and love your pregnancy. Supplet mixes it up each month so you’ll receive great things to try, the most innovative (not to mention adorable) pregnancy and baby products on the market.

~Bump Boxes: $39.99/month. Bump Boxes offers monthly subscription boxes customized based on your due date. You can expect to find a mixture of full-sized safe, pregnancy, mom and baby essentials. Bump Boxes also offers a $10/month option which includes a mixture of curated premium samples.

~21 Bundles: $39.99/month. 21 Bundles is a service that sends baby-safe products to expecting and new parents every month. They tailor your bundle to your specific stage of pregnancy and new parenthood. Boxes are designed for the 9 months of your pregnancy and 12 months of your babies first year.

~Mamabu Box: $39.99/month.  The goal of Mamabu Box is to help busy moms embrace self-care while creating a platform for mom-owned businesses. Each box features 4 or more purposefully sourced items based on a theme or activity that encourages mom to practice self-care. Items vary between natural beauty products, fashion accessories, lifestyle items, and monthly dose of faith and inspiration.

~Pockets & Pins Fluff & Stuff: $40/month. Fluff & Stuff is a monthly cloth diapering subscription service. You can always look forward to a variety of items, which may include diapers, diapering essentials, wahm products, samples, important information, and more. Each month will be different, and always a fun surprise.

~Tonttu Box: $40/month. Tonttu Box is a monthly subscription service inspired by mommies-to-be, new moms, and the little ones!  Inside the box, you will find items such as natural and organic bath and body essentials, handmade jewelry, exclusive toys, useful goodies for your baby, educational books.

~Buccio Baby Box: $45/month. Buccio Baby Box includes only the VERY best high quality, handmade baby products from small companies in the US. Their team of mamas insure that every product is practical, functional, unique, safe and fun. Subscribers can select between Boy, Girl & Gender Neutral options and boxes are customizable for little ones newborn – 2 years.

~Lavenders Blue: ~$48/month. Lavenders Blue is a subscription box that features high quality, unique baby products for ages 0-12 months. Each shipment will include hand curated, quality items for your baby as well as a nice gift for mom. Your shipment not only allows you to explore top brands, but also falls below retail price!

~A Little Bundle: $49/month. A Little Bundle provides curated bundles of products for both mother and her baby (up to 4 years of age), choosing from products from around the world that meet only the highest quality and design standards.

~Outside the Box by Cheeky Days: $51.98/month. Outside the Box by Cheeky Days is a subscription box by a family for families. Each box will contain a children’s t-shirt or wearable, a hand-selected children’s book, everything needed to complete 2 – 4 crafts or activities that reinforce the monthly theme and will encourage a lifestyle of kindness, connection and community, Community Cards that spark children’s creativity and offer intentional ways to share it Outside The Box, plus a Spotlight on a different Non-Profit, Community Service or Give-Back Company every month.

~Preggonista: $55/month. Preggonista is a fashion subscription service for pregnant women. Each box will include a wearable must-have fashion item (dress, shirt or leggings), accessory (belly band or long necklace) and beauty products geared to meet the needs of pregnant women.

~Umba Baby Box: $56/month. Umba Baby Box offers a monthly delivery of curated handmade baby goods designed for babies o to 6-months old. Boxes may include hand knit beanies, natural diaper creams, wooden teething rings.

~#babyguybox: $59.99/month. The #babyguybox is a monthly subscription box for babies and toddlers brought to you by Jamie Grayson – TheBabyGuyNYC. Each box will be packed with full size products hand selected by The Baby Guy.

~Baby BumpBundle: $60/quarter. Baby BumpBundle is curated care package of handpicked fun and functional pregnancy products for each stage of pregnancy. Bundles, including the BabyBundle, the FitBumpBundle and the BreastfeedingBundle may also be purchased separately – without a subscription as a one time only option.

~Hoppi Box: $75/quarter. Hoppi Box is dedicated to helping parents nurture their baby’s early development by providing a quarterly subscription of toys that are tailored to your baby’s age and developmental stage. Their boxes are designed for children ages 0 to 3 years old and contain 3-5 full sized, high quality toys that encourage learning and at least 1 book.

~Please and Carrots: $99/quarter. Please and Carrots is a quarterly toy subscription that is customized for early learning with exclusive activities and advice to support parents. Each box, which is customized by age (0-3 years) contains 3-4 full sized high quality toys and 1-2 books from trusted brands such as Hape, Melissa and Doug and Lamaze.

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  1. Lauren

    Which box would you recommend for a five month old? And when subscribing to a box do you recommend bumping your child?s age up a few months?

  2. Bethany

    I love your reviews! I always check your blog first to see if you’ve reviewed the box and then I check somewhere else. I’m always browsing the box list, you update it pretty often!
    With that it mind, I tried to use your link to Cotton Booty (my sis is expecting and wants to use cloth diapers), the website looks like it changed to http://milk-and-honey-kids.myshopify.com/pages/cotton-booty-get-a-box.

  3. Sasha

    I love Googaro! I have only received one box so far but am excited to see what else they send.

  4. Kate

    Code “BINKA” for BinkaBox only saved me 10% the first month’s price for my 3 month subscription. 🙁

    1. Jennifer

      Thank you for the heads up. I will change the wording!

  5. Lauren M.

    Have you ever used the Honest Company’s diapers? I really like the idea of them being eco friendly… but I would like to hear about somebody using them before I spend $80 a month on them….

    1. Jennifer

      I don’t love them as much as I love, say, Pampers. The prints are adorable though, which make them better. Why don’t you pick up a trial? It’s like $7 or something and they will send you some to test. If you don’t like it, cancel before you get billed!

      1. Lauren M.

        After I posted that I went to their website and they had a free trial of the diapers and wipes bundle and the essential bundle. All I had to do was pay $5 for shipping! Nice! Now I just need to figure out if I have to cancel a subscription before I get billed $200 next month! (I’m not good at reading fine print)!

        1. Jennifer

          You need to call within 7 (?) days!!

  6. JoLynn

    Just saw that Bluum and Stork Stack joined forces. Curious what next month’s box is going to be. This will definitely be better on my wallet.

    1. Jennifer

      I am curious to see if bluum will change much as well

  7. lia

    Heads up: The Crowded Tub’s website is down. Wonder what that means?

    1. Jennifer

      I’ll have to check it out! Thanks for the heads up!

  8. Crystal


    I was just wondering if you had heard anything regarding the MommysMeTyme box. The January boxes have never arrived. My sister and I both subscribe and have sent emails and left Facebook posts, but there has not been any response. This seems out of character for the lady that runs the company. It is a little alarming. I hope everything is okay, but wondered if you had heard anything. I paid through PayPal and am getting ready to request a charge back, but I hate to do that if I knew I could expect to receive January’s box. I thought I would reach out to you to see if you had heard anything.

    1. Crystal

      You can disregard my previous post. I just saw a post on Facebook where she has been in ICU. She is doing better and it appears that she will be going home soon. They are supposed to post other updates soon. I hope she has a speedy recovery!

  9. Sabrina Foust

    Have you seen any complaints on the Walmart baby box? They charged me in December for box 2 and I never got it. I did get an email saying they were working out some things but never received it. I am curious to see if they charge me again here for box 3.

  10. Diana

    Hello. I’m so bummed citrus lane is ending. My 3 yo daughter loves it. I was not happy with bluum. What do you suggest trying that is similar to citrus lane?

  11. Estella

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  24. April

    Has anyone used 21 Bundles?? I’m curious!

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  26. Becky,Thank you for writing about your experience with the kids and the butterflies. You are an awesome writer!I appreciate how you engage in every aspect of life at Yavneh and how you share it with the world. Your expertise, creativity and kind heart has changed the way we look at “admissions”. Thank you does not express how grateful I am for you!

  27. Mario Donatone

    This is a really awesome and helpful article for me. I really appreciate your work for providing such useful information, thank you so much!

  28. Brain William

    Awesome points such a beautiful post, thanks for sharing this post. There are many blogs on the Internet. But I can definitely say that your blog is amazing. It has all the qualities a perfect blog should have.

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