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*X-Rated / Adult* Boxes

~The Dollar Condom Club: $3.95 – $5.95 – $9.95/month. The Dollar Condom Club makes buying brand named condoms easy, affordable and discreet. You can opt for a 3-Pack ($3.95/month), a 6-Pack ($5.95/month) or a 12-Pack ($9.95/month) and customize your box with your preferred brand.

~Rubber Club: $5.99 – $9.99 – $14.99 – $24.99/month. Rubber Club is a condom subscription service. Options are as follows: One 3-pack ($5.99/month), two 3-packs ($9.99/month), one 12-pack ($14.99/month) and two 12-packs ($24.99/month).

~Intimate Postal: $10 – $20 – $30 – $40/month. Intimate Postal is a subscription service created to make sexy effortless. Their team creates a fantasy box once a month filled with quality tested and handpicked sexual wellness products, lingerie, novelties, etc. and discreetly delivers them to you the last week of every month.  They offer a variety of subscription options to fit your needs.

~Risqué Reads: $14.99/month. Risque Reads is a discreet monthly subscription box that includes two erotic books from your chosen genre.

~Spicy Subscriptions: $24.95 – $34.95/month. The Spice Box contains Romantic Gifts and an assortment of Intimate Toys, Massage Oils, Sexy Lingerie, Romantic Fragrances and much more! Also available is a Toy of the Month club for $24.95/month.

~The Filthy Mermaid: $24.99/month. The Filthy Mermaid delivers monthly Siren Swag Bags for women who love all things mermaid – with an edge. Boxes include 3-5 sexy sea-inspired accessories, bewitching beauty products, playful pleasures, and more.

~The Pleasure Pantry: $29/month. A once a month kit full of adult novelties, toys, and lingerie from their pleasure pantry which is designed to keep your sex life exciting, new and fun! And in a fun twist, you can select a “Girl/Boy”, “Boy/Boy”, “Girl/Girl” or “Bridal Box”.

~Delegant Pleasurable: $29.99/month. D’Elegant Pleasurables will create a Play Box filled with phthalate free toys made with silicone that is easy to clean and of excellent quality. Your box will contain toys and novelty items based on your sexual preference that will thrill and please both you and your partner. They also offer a lingerie subscription for $49.99/month.

~Bawdy Bookworms: $34.95/quarter. Bawdy Bookworms delivers a box of sexy goodness to you quarterly. Each box contains a super steamy book, a mind blowing bedroom toy, 2-3 sensual surprises for a complete mind-body experience, plus bedroom tips and tricks and access to their private discussion group.

~The Fantasy Box: $36 – $59 – $159/month. The Fantasy Box is a subscription service for comprehensive fantasies designed to bring a little “kick” into your intimate relationship. You’ll receive a monthly (or every other month if you choose) box that includes step-by-step instructions and goodies to create a little escape from your regular life.

~L’Amour Secret: $54.99/month. L’Amour Secret is a monthly adult subscription box. The L’Amour Secret team analyzes the answers to your questionnaire in order to pair you with the perfect arsenal of adult novelties.

~Pleasuresack: $59/month. Pleasuresack is an adult monthly subscription box. Each package includes one 1 fabric bag filled with different adult goodies ranging everywhere from naughty to nice, common to not-so-common, and even super erotica to downright, uptight and out of sight products sure to please everyone!

~Boudoir Noir: $59 – $159/month. Each “Allure Box” ($59/month) contains 3-4 items with a retail value of $75+. Items may include toys, lingerie, lubes, games and more! Travel and trial sizes may be included.  Each “Tantalize Box” ($159/month) contains 5-8 items with a retail value of $180. Items may include toys, lingerie, lubes, games and more! A Mystery Awaits with your monthly subscription.

~Dirty Little Secret: $63.13 – $116.25 – $227.50/month. Dirty Little Secret is designed to be both a home or online party experience and an online store to suit your daily, or even your wildest desires.  They offer three different subscription boxes which feature top of the line, and the newest products to the adult market- packaged discreetly to your door.

~Unbound: $65/quarter. Unbound is a quarterly erotic subscription box. Each box will include a full sized featured product, generous samples, additional swag and original erotica.

~Wurkbench: $78.94 – $138.94/quarter. Wurkbench is a sex toy subscription service. Let Wurkbench custom curate a box of fun and adventure to spice up sexy time. All you have to do is fill out a quick profile and let us get to work! Quarterly, they’ll hand select items you want or are interested in exploring and nothing you don’t. The best part about it is Wurkbench products bundled together are up to 40% off retail. Boxes range from $69.99 – $129.99 and ship quarterly.

~FrisqueBox: $118/semi-annual. FrisqueBox is an adult subscription club offering a curated collection of luxury adult products. Boxes are sent on a semi-annual basis in a Spring/Summer Series and Autumn/Winter Series, with bonus products that are particular for the seasons. FrisqueBox Subscription boxes are always tailored to the sexual orientation & gender that you provide when you subscribe.

~Big Oh! Box: $119/quarter. The Big Oh! Box is a monthly adult subscription box. Every quarter you will receive a unique box of quality adult toys and accessories that will cater around a special theme for you and a partner to enjoy. Inside of each box you will find 5-10 items that will help you explore new ways to play. Also available is the “Sol-Oh” box ($59/quarter) which includes Inside of each box you will find 3-6 items that will help you explore ways to play.

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  1. Lolly

    I maybe didn’t read far enough into the websites you linked but I couldn’t find any info about what the toys are typically made out of. The safety of toys varies depending on what they’re made from so it’s important to know…I might have to email the company directly to ask since I’m not seeing it anywhere?

  2. KJ

    Have you seen this box?

  3. Kyle Jones


    I am reaching out to you to disclose the best processing solution specifically for Adult related merchants looking for better rates. This is a direct domestic solution (not an agg).

    Discount rate – Interchange plus 1.5%-4%(must have good processing history with low chargebacks)

    0 – 10% reserve(most cases no reserves)

    Domestic account with API

    Own descriptor

    Own dedicated MID

    Quick approvals

    We also have domestic aggregate account @8% with a 5% reserve and weekly payouts for TMF?ed merchants.

    Please let me know if you are interested and I will send you the appropriate application. Underwriting from the sponsor bank will determine final pricing and produce an e-app for final signature. We also need a voided check, driver?s license, 3 months bank statements and 3 months processing statements to begin with. Please call me if you have any questions.

    Thanks for your time and we look forward to hearing from you,

    Kyle Jones ? High Risk Account Manager
    25322 Rye Canyon suite 200
    Valencia, Ca 91355
    (800) 361-8530 X336

  4. We’ve done a bunch of the adult boxes from at least 5 different companies to keep things exciting in the bedroom. Most of these are terrible if not pathetic attempts at selling junk that’s not related to sex! They send out stupid items like coffee mugs and tea packs!!! Like what the hell am I 90 yrs old? There is an exception though, we tried Pleasuresack.com twice and both times they sent really great products that were fun and were exactly what we needed! We did finally breakdown and signed up for their 1 year subscription after our 3rd or 4th order made my wife said she’d never had an orgasm like that in our 20 yr marriage. lol. Thus far we’ve really enjoyed everything they’ve sent. My wife ruled that we would use whatever they sent, no matter what. Been fun, and we’ll keep going back to Pleasuresack. I read that they were owned by a “real married couple” and it is obvious that getting items from them, vs. getting from some inexperienced kid at the other places was what we needed. Thanks

  5. Dorn

    Pleasure sack is a rip off. Ordered a $300 box from them and they never shipped and would not respond to my 4 requests. They don’t post an email address or phone number so you can follow up. I only resorted to this to make sure others don’t order there. If they would have made any attempt to make it right i wouldn’t have posted this.

  6. Courtney Joson

    You’re weird, I’m bored

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