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*Smoker* Boxes

~TokerPack: $20 – $35 – $45/month. TokerPack is a monthly smoking subscription service. Three different options are available: The Paper Pack ($20/month) contains loads of pre-rolled cones, loose papers, rolling tips, and more, The Glass Pack ($35/month) contains one or more pieces of glass and other smoking accessories to make your life easier, The Bundle Pack ($45/month) contains rolling papers, one or more glass pipes, and other accessories each month.

~BurnBox: $20 – $30/month. BurnBox is a subscription box of smoking products, accessories and goodies catered to your style and sent to your door every month. Each BurnBox contains a selection of high quality smoking accessories hand picked by the BurnBox team to make your next session chiller than ever. BurnBox is available in three different types (Keep it Rollin, Stay Glassy and the Super BurnBox) depending on your preference.

~Nicpik: $22 – $29/month. The Nicpik Pak is a e-liquid discovery box that arrives to your door monthly. The Nicpik ($29/month) includes 5 bottles of E-juice ranging from 10mL – 30mL. The NicPik Mini includes three 15 mL bottles of Premium E-juice.

~ZampleBox: $23.98- $29.98 – $53.98/month. ZampleBox helps smokers become ex-smokers by finding success with vaping and supplying the best e-juice monthly. You can opt for the Silver Box $23.98/month) which includes 3 bottles (30-50mL), the Gold Box ($29.98/month) which includes 6 bottles (80-100mL) or the Platinum Box ($53.98/month) which includes 11 bottles (150-180mL).

~420 Goody Box: $24.13/month. With the 420 Goody Box, very month you will receive a box curated with five to eight premium-quality items handpicked by those in the know. Items include canna-goodies, novelties, munchies and more.

~Cannabox: $24.83/month. The Cannabox includes 5-7 hand-picked, of the latest and greatest Cannabis-related accessories and novelties. Items like; rolling papers, cigar wraps, t-shirts, books, and accessories.

~Hot Box: $25 – $75/month. The Hot Box is a monthly subscription box for smokers. Each month you will receive unique glass, papers, and accessories handpicked for smokers by smokers delivered to your door. Your can choose between The Lite Box ($25/month) which includes 1 piece of glass, rolling papers, 2 packs of cones, 2 unique accessories and a free rolling machine (in your first box) or The Hot Box ($75/month) which features at least 7 premium items in every box including 1-2 high quality pieces of glass, monthly supply of papers and a few unique accessories.

~PufferBox: $25.98/month. PufferBox is a monthly subscription box jam-packed with the best smoking accessories delivered right to your door in a discreet package. Boxes contain 5 – 10 items including smoking accessories, snacks and treats, and apparel and other memorabilia.

~Green BakeBox: $30/month. Green BakeBox is mysterious surprise box full of smoking products shipped to it’s members every month in discreet packaging. Boxes are filled with 8 to 10 exceptional products that are sure to illuminate every smoker’s experience. You may receive anything from bongs to vapors, paper, scales, grinders, lifestyle gear, entertainment, munchies and more.

~The Heady Box: $31/month. The Heady Box is a monthly subscription box for the cannabis community. Each box includes a limited edition hard enamel hat pin, a limited edition Rig Rag, and a sticker pack. In addition, you will be getting at least four other items which could include t-shirts, containers, lighters, dabbers, other clothing items, and other items.

~Potbox: $149.95/monthly.Potbox is a premium cannabis subscription club. They curate the highest quality, most ethically-grown medical cannabis available and deliver it fresh from the farm directly to your door each month. Potbox is only available in San Francisco and Los Angeles and requires a physician’s referral.

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